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Sony Corporation becomes an advocate for EMPOWER, a private sector corporate alliance for the empowerment and progression of women's economic representation

On Wednesday, November 4, 2020, Sony Corporation ("Sony") endorsed the objectives of EMPOWER*1, an initiative centered on G20 countries and regions. Its aim is to "promote women's participation in the decision-making process," and Sony will participate as a corporate advocate supporting EMPOWER's activities in Japan.

  • *1: What is EMPOWER?EMPOWER is a private sector alliance for the empowerment and progression of women's economic representation.
    A private sector alliance to promote women's empowerment and economic participation.
    EMPOWER was launched in line with the declaration of world Leaders at the G20 Osaka Summit in June 2019. The two-year private sector initiative started its activities in April 2020. (The activities program will be extended if necessary.)

Based on the Diversity Policy (Statement) laid down in 2013, Sony promotes diversity and inclusion throughout the Group as part of its management policies. The company actively champions respect for diversity and inclusion in such areas as race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, beliefs, disabilities, gender, age, birthplace, sexual orientation, viewpoints and work style, and activities that foster an inclusive workplace.

    It is in Sony's DNA - and a source of our innovation - to value different perspectives and backgrounds as we conduct our business activities globally and rise to new challenges.
    Sony promotes diversity across the Sony Group as a key management strategy by ensuring an inclusive work environment and by recruiting, hiring, training and promoting employees from diverse backgrounds.

Initiatives to support women's participation

Sony advocates the advancement of women on a global basis as part of its efforts to promote diversity and ensure that women account for a certain percentage of positions at all levels of society,
In Japan, Sony is implementing various proactive measures to recruit, develop and promote women with view to increasing the percentage of women in management positions to 10% across the Sony Group and 15% at Sony Corporation by the end of fiscal 2020. Specific initiatives include a female leader development program to support the development of leadership skills, awareness, and network building, and to underpin growth while providing development opportunities. In March 2020, we celebrated International Women's Day by connecting North America and Japan through a lecture by Sally Helgesen, a leading expert in women's leadership development. We also aim to foster a workplace culture that is comfortable for both men and women through the continuing expansion of the Symphony Plan. This includes "Chichioya (Dad) Childcare Leave Seminars" to encourage more fathers to take childcare leave, as well as support for employees working to balance work with infertility treatment and cancer treatment, childcare and nursing care.

Sally Helgesen's lecture
During a "Chichioya Childcare Leave seminar"
Sony's Life-Work Support Scheme: Symphony Plan

Sony operates a wide range of businesses in the electronics, entertainment and financial sectors based on the company's purpose: "Fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology." Human resources are the key to Sony's further growth. By creating a work environment where everyone is respected and promoting a corporate culture that respects societal diversity, we will develop the diverse human resources that will underpin Sony's growth and take it to the next level of innovation and social value creation.

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