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Sony Group Employment Forum for the Disabled

Sony Group Employment Forum for the Disabled

Each year, the Sony Group holds a joint employment event aimed at helping the disabled find a company within the Group's wide-ranging business zones that would enable them to find the kind of work they aspire to, and make the most of the skills they possess. In addition to broadening their options for the way forward, this promotes the Sony approach to diversity and inclusion.

This year's Sony Group Employment Forum for the Disabled was held at Sony City Osaki on Wednesday March 21, 2018.
In addition to interviews held by individual companies, a panel discussion involving employees already working at Sony Group companies was organized. The aim was to provide applicants with an opportunity to obtain a more concrete image of how to approach their future job-hunting activities and what it would be like to work at Sony, and clarify their own thoughts.

Panel discussion involving group employees

The theme of the panel discussion was "Find out how to work and build a career that suits you even if you have disabilities!" Employees with physical, hearing, developmental and other disabilities spoke frankly about how they went about their job-hunting efforts, their approach to work, the consideration shown by their colleagues, and other aspects of their experiences.
"With guidance from my senior colleagues, I learned about the joys and responsibilities of tackling the work I want to do during my first year at the company. This gave me a sense of reward in working, and helped create an environment in which I believe I can grow."
"I can work at Sony without feeling any sense of discomfort because of a workplace atmosphere that provides the necessary consideration without excessive preferential treatment."
"I consider things together with my colleagues while obtaining their understanding and cooperation by approaching them proactively myself."
These were some of the comments from the panel members, many in the audience took notes as they listened carefully to the speakers.

Many new graduates and midcareer employment candidates who were interested in working at Sony gathered for the afternoon session of the employment forum, and engaged in active question and answer sessions at the individual group company booths. To give participants a more concrete idea of the work involved, HR personnel provided through explanations on the overviews of their companies and businesses, and consideration given to the disabled. Many participants commented that the forum helped broaden their interest in the types of work available.

Participants in the Sony Group employment forum

A wide range of people are able to make the most of their individuality in various occupations within Sony based on the Group's approach to diversity and inclusion. They know that cooperation and mutual understanding with those around them are essential as they transcend their personal boundaries in order to realize their objectives, irrespective of whether they have disabilities or not. We plan to increase our contacts with potential employees who will likely show initiative in their work based on the necessary considerations through similar events in the future.

Excerpts from existing employees' comments during the panel discussion

  • When I was job-hunting, I focused on companies that create enjoyment based on the motivation to provide various opportunities for fun. Irrespective of the sector or whether they hired disabled persons or not, I took part in briefings at companies in which I was interested and, after selecting several that looked attractive, took their employment tests.
  • I selected companies that made their decisions after carefully assessing the disability and personality of the applicant.
  • I felt Sony would open my eyes to various unfamiliar prospects from a wider perspective, while the fact that employees also participated energetically in the employment event showed me they also enjoyed their work, and became one of the factors that convinced me.
  • I was able to speak with an active engineer with focus on how I wanted to use my own skills in my work. He convinced me that the environment at Sony was conducive to growing as an engineer, irrespective of whether one had disability or not.
  • At the start, I accepted the work I was assigned. When it transpired that a certain task I attempted was difficult, I ask for the cooperation of workplace colleagues, saying that I can handle the operation in question if they would help me out with this one particular task.
  • Since I was assigned to my current workplace, I have become able to handle my work by myself, although initially, I did receive instructions from senior colleagues. I often reflect on my responsibility for mistakes arising from faulty communications with related sections, but at the same time there are many opportunities to feel that the work is fulfilling and the workplace is one where I can grow.
  • The company briefing was very impressive and I felt I could work there comfortably. The workplace atmosphere is imbued with the feeling that ample consideration should be given to disabilities, enabling people to give full rein to their skills.
  • Without being limited to the information I gleaned from the internet, I decided to take part in an actual company briefing and learn from observing employees for myself. I therefore wanted to approach my job-hunting activities proactively while maintaining my motivation and considering what sort of work I want to do, and whether I want to work with this company and its employees.

Excerpts from participants' responses to questionnaires

  • I feel that the Sony Group's initiatives for hiring disabled people through panel discussions are highly proactive and open compared with other companies.
  • I am really happy I participated because people listened to me carefully.
  • The event was very meaningful for me because I was able to learn from so many Sony Group companies at one time, and get a good idea of the wide range of jobs available.
  • I obtained a very good idea of what it is like to be hired by a Sony Group company, irrespective of disabilities.
  • I was very grateful and inspired by the fact that company personnel listened to my concerns and characteristics.
  • I realized that I had given up on many of the things I would like to do because of my disabilities. Participating employees listened to both what I want to do and what I am capable of, and provided advice accordingly.
  • The forum paid a great deal of attention to a wide range of factors.

Companies participating in the Sony Group Employment Forum

  • Sony Mobile Communications Inc.
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia
  • Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation
  • Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation
  • Sony/Taiyo Corporation
  • Sony LSI Design Inc.
  • Sony Engineering Corporation
  • Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc.
  • Sony Music Group
  • Sony Network Communications Inc.
  • Sony Business Solutions Corporation
  • Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Sony Bank Incorporated
  • FeliCa Networks, Inc.
  • Sony Kibou/Hikari Corporation
  • Sony Corporation
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