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Activities In Asia, Middle East and Africa

Sony has many operations in the rapidly growing Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) region which is undergoing many economic and generational shifts. Amidst many new challenges in attracting and retaining talent, Sony remains committed to sustaining a diverse and inclusive workforce in the AMEA region to promote greater employee engagement and drive innovation and creativity within the company.

A range of Diversity and Inclusion programs were initiated to achieve this vision and to better reflect the communities in which Sony operates. Some of the key pillars of these programs involve promoting and improving gender equality in the region, through the removal of barriers to full and equal participation of women at all levels of the company. Sony also seeks the elimination of discrimination on the basis of age or family responsibilities, and results have manifested in the form of flexible work policies, parental leave policies and more. Apart from training courses open to all employees, leadership and development programs within the company are also available to high caliber performers regardless of their gender or age.

Believing in Women Empowerment at work, Sony has developed a host of special initiatives for women working in Sony's offices in India. A regular activity titled "Town Hall for Women" was started to provide opportunities for all female employees to openly share their thoughts, concerns and suggestions about empowering women at work, in a safe and comfortable environment. The discussions have since resulted in initiatives like ensuring female employees get off work in time to reach home before sunset, and preventive health check camps. Sony has also launched a special helpdesk in India called "Anytime at Your Service", to help working women balance their personal and professional lives with ease and efficiency. In collaboration with an external provider, the helpdesk provides a gamut of essential services like groceries and medicine shopping, banking assistance, flower and cake deliveries, legal aid, leisure activities and more.

Sony's "Fresh Minds" program was actualized to groom high-potential graduates from the Asia-Pacific region into Sony's future leaders, with Singapore as a starting point.
These graduates will be equipped with the following attributes:

  • Ready to lead diverse teams in any Sony business group or country, based on personal career aspirations
  • Strategic planning and superior people management skills
  • Vast networks of internal and external stakeholders
  • Able to embrace and exude the vision, directions and culture of Senior Management

Sony continues to strive towards enhancing existing Diversity and Inclusion programs across AMEA, developing new initiatives in line with changes in operating environments within the region, and engaging with employees on a deeper level regarding such matters that are relevant to them.

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