Diversity & Inclusion

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PEOPLE Meet some of our employees. Their diversity is the driving force behind Sony's innovation.
Pursuing a career as a working mother Tomoko Hazama - F.A.N. Fan+Artist Network Div. Sony Music Marketing Inc.
Bringing my whole self to work :Tristan Higgins Director, Law Department, Sony Electronics Inc.
Enjoying both work and child raising to the full Tackling a new way of working as a father :Hiroaki Ebi
Building a career that allows a good work-life balance for working couples supported by company childrearing and nursing care schemes :Akihiko Ikeda Quality Planning Section, Quality Planning Depa
Don't set boundary. Just give it a try. :Yurika Kamitani External Relations & Trade Affairs Department
Discoveries through my new endeavor from Sweden to Japan :Jeanna Kimbré  Global Head of Creative Product Design SOMC
"Diversity & Inclusion" is beneficial to many and should be celebrated. :Maegan Moore Sony Corporation of America – Marketing
I want to take up  new challenges that  transcend national  boundaries and cultures :Dominika Antonik Video & Sound Business Group, V&S MK Department
Technology will surely conquer disabilities :Ken Endo Researcher, Sony Computer Science Laboratory
Turning my experience with disability into my strength. :Yosuke Nagase V&S Business Div., Home Entertainment&Sound Business Group, Sony Corporation
Nobody knows the correct answer, that's why everyone has a chance to become part of the solution. :Asako Tomura Corporate Social Responsibility Department, Sony Corporation
Meeting people with different values generates new perspectives and ideas. :Mitsuru Nakamura TV Development and Design Division, Sony EMCS (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd.
Sony's global approach towards diversity is helping me to realize my dream. :Ranatunga Vijitha
I believe that 'Diversity' leads to new 'discoveries'. :Masahiko Suzuki Tablet Office, VAIO & Mobile Business Group, Sony Corporation
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