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Sony’s global approach towards diversity is helping me to realize my dream.

Vol.02 Sony’s global approach towards  diversity is helping me to realize my dream.
Ranatunga Vijitha | Applied Technological Development Division, IT Solution Development Department, Professional Solutions Business Group, Sony Corporation

Attracted by Sony's foreign staff-friendly working environment

I am from Sri Lanka and I always wanted to work for a foreign company or for a Japanese company with a global business environment where employees from different nationalities can work with vigor and enthusiasm. When I was looking for a job, I also had the opportunity of talking to some foreign Sony employees who were my seniors at the University. From them I found out that many of Sony's employees have international background working or studying overseas. In addition to that, Sony's reputation as one of the leading global companies convinced me that even as a non-Japanese, I could work in a friendly working environment at Sony. I took part in several other internship programs, but Sony was the most attractive to me because of its global business background and workplace environment. This eventually led me to join Sony.

Once I began working, I also realized that Sony is a company that would assign jobs to employees who show the willingness, regardless of their career level. Since my time as a new employee, I have had many opportunities at Sony to challenge with my own ideas rather than being assigned tasks all the time. I think Sony is a company that values the self-directed and self-managed form of work approach which provides its employees the freedom to innovate.

Contributing to help people around the world to make their lives better

Since I joined Sony, I have been responsible for research and development of QoS (Quality of Service) control technologies which enhances video and audio streaming quality. The widespread usage of the broadband network has now placed further importance on providing such technologies to smoothly transmit large volumes of videos and audio contents at high quality. I was mainly responsible for the development of "Dual Stream Adaptive Rate Control" technology which is one of the intelligent QoS control functions-implemented in PCS-XG80, the world's first HD Video Conference system. The "Dual Stream Adaptive Rate Control" is the first technology in the industry that makes it possible to simultaneously stream stable video and PC data even under network congestion. Of course, when developing technologies there are many tough issues to be dealt with, but the feeling of satisfaction is remarkable, when these new technologies we developed are used by various people around the world.

Sony helps you maximize your abilities

At Sony there are plenty of opportunities for employees to exert their abilities and skills to the maximum, regardless of their background. In my case, I am a foreigner and disabled, but that has no effect whatsoever on what jobs I am assigned to. Our personal backgrounds are irrelevant and we are expected to exert our maximum abilities and skills.

Whenever we have a problem, Sony always provides adequate support. As I am a foreigner, I am concerned about certain aspects in the Japanese language, such as the fine nuances of words. So my Japanese colleagues kindly checked my emails in the first six months after I joined Sony. Besides that, I have also had no problem working here, even though I am disabled in the lower limbs. The greatest benefit of working at Sony is its environment that respects every employee's background, while encouraging all to bring out their best.

New lifestyle through my own experience

My ambition for the future is to harness the technological skills I have acquired at Sony and to use my experience as a foreigner to realize a new lifestyle that has never been imaged. If real-time network video communication equipped with the latest 3D/4K technologies-which are Sony's strengths-becomes a reality, then it may be possible to further advance "Telepresence," i.e. brining virtual communication between people as if they are in the same place, no matter where they are in the world. For example, when it comes to education, it may be possible to create networks that link schools around the world, and let the children in different countries to interact easily. I would be delighted if my work can contribute to satisfying the curiosities of children and help them to exchange with different cultures. In addition, as I love watching sports, particularly cricket which is very popular in my country, I believe there is great potential in video communication for sports. By combining Sony's own video streaming technology with unique systems such as Hawk-Eye, I think we can develop systems to provide a totally new experience for players, umpires and spectators.

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