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ACTIVITY NEWS Sony sponsored "Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2017" which was held from April 29 to May 7th. ~aim to better understanding of and acknowledging LGBT~
"Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2017"which was held from April 29th to May 7th gathered approximately 108,000 people. Supporting the philosophy of Tokyo Rainbow Pride which aims to foster a society in which each individuals is free to be happy as themselves, regardless of where they fall on the SOGI (sexual orientation, gender identity) spectrum, Sony sponsored Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2017 for the first time.

During the event, "Proud LGBT Ally" message was displayed on the Sony Vision at Shibuya to express how Sony strives to provide equal opportunities and to ensure a fully inclusive working environment for LGBT employees as a part of our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.
"SONY, Proud LGBT Ally" message was shown on the Sony Vision at Shibuya
from April 29th to May 7th
During the 9 days, over 60 events were held in various spots in Tokyo, and the main events, the parade and festival, were held on May 6th and 7th in the Yoyogi Park. Approximately over 3,000 people came to visit Niji Recruiting Corporation's booth in the Yoyogi Park and saw the panel presentation which introduced companies' measures to support LGBT employees including one from Sony. Impressed by these companies' efforts, many visitors took photos and/or videos. Having big smiles on their faces, participants, not only LGBT themselves, but also LGBT Allies, enjoyed the "Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2017."

  • The booth by Niji Recruiting Corporation
As a part of Sony's Diversity & Inclusion initiatives to make the workplace friendly to all employees, Sony plans to launch a series of programs to support LGBT within Sony Group to increase the number of allies who understand and support LGBT employees.
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