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For over fifty years, Sony has continuously supported science education aimed at the next generation. Today, a variety of activities, such as workshops and contests, are being conducted by Sony group companies as "Sony Science Program".
In an effort to address to the diversity-centric challenges, Sony also implements these activities focusing on female students and young people with disabilities.

Sony Science Program for Girls

In comparison to men, it is said that fewer women tend to choose careers in science and mathematics. The Sony Science Program for Girls is aimed at female junior high school students. We teach these girls about the wonders of science and show them how female engineers work, in the hope that they will want to further their studies in the science field, and consider engineering as a potential career path in the future.
Activity Report - Sony Science Program for Girls

Inclusion Workshops

Inclusion Workshops provide participants with opportunities to interact with science, regardless of whether they have a disability. Employees from Sony Taiyo Corporation (a special subsidiary company) work together with children from special needs schools and regional elementary and junior high schools to construct Sony Science Program kits, enabling participants to experience the wonders of science through a variety of experiments and lessons.
Asia Pacific

Sony Creative Science Award

Sony Creative Science Award (SCSA) is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program organised each year by the Sony Group of Companies in Singapore together with the Singapore Science Centre. The program aims to promote creativity among children and make science fun and interesting to them.
Sony Creative Science Award Winners Embark on Journey of Discovery to Tokyo
The United States

Women's Hackathon

Encouraging women to pursue computer science careers is not easy, but research shows that combatting stereotypes is one approach to increasing women in STEM. We need more visibility when it comes to the work female engineers have already accomplished, so young girls know it's not just men who are behind technology they use in their everyday lives. At the event, four successful women leaders in tech joined the panel for a Q&A session to offer career and life advice for the young women in tech. Girls asked curious and intelligent questions following the panel.
Activity Report - Women's Hackathon
Sony Science Program : Bringing the power of science to children, to whom the future belongs
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