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Lifelog application and
smartwear products

Future-minded personal technology

Smartwear products slip into your life
without any high-tech distractions.
By blending the human and technological,
smartwear points the way to new lifestyles
and possibilities.

Designed to be worn 24/7

How should we design smartwears that slip into your routine without constantly reminding you of the advanced technologies behind the scenes? To find out, we considered the essential qualities of a smartwear. Our answer took the form of a core. All the advanced technology is concentrated into a slim core, which nestles into a wristband. For greater comfort, the sleek core is gently curved to follow the contours of your wrist. What makes the devices fit like a second skin is a silicone wristband. Silicone is an ideal material that is water and sweat resistance. We developed a smartwear line that is as comfortable as another surface of your body, and ready for constant wear.

And because these smartwears are worn every day, another requirement was as important as comfort – style. Our solution was a core that’s easy to attach to a spectrum of other wristbands. Not only does the array of bands appeal to many people’s sense of style, it invites you to have fun switching to the band so that it fits the occasion, situation, or your mood. We have also encouraged partners in fashion and design to create bands. You’ll find bands that suit your own style and taste. Depending on how you want to use the device, you can choose from three models of smartwear: SmartBand, SmartBand Talk, or SmartWatch 3.

Some of the many colors, materials,
and patterns of prototype bands

For SmartBand, we sought extremely simple design in a device that you’ll want to wear every day. A single, discreet button on the core controls all features, concealing the sophisticated technology at work. We also took a close look at the band material and texture. Through repeated testing, we made the texture pleasant to touch, perfected the color combinations, and developed an etched surface pattern. The resulting colors and refined finish will make you want to wear the band 24/7.

SmartBand Talk

SmartBand Talk adds an always-on curved e-paper display, so you won’t need to check your smartphone as often to know basic Lifelog app status. With an integrated mic and speaker, it’s ready for voice commands, not to mention answering calls to your smartphone. To keep the band slim while ensuring maximum display readability, this device combines the core and display in a single module. The shape is just as ergonomic as the others.

SmartWatch 3

With SmartWatch 3, which runs Android Wear, you can do more, even without your smartphone. In appearance, it looks more integrated than typical watches. Instead of having a face and band that are clearly separate, its silicone band merges smoothly with the display on the core. It’s designed as a display-equipped smartwear that feels natural to wear. The stainless steel core of this model is topped by a subtly curved display. Quality is clear in the look and feel of this compact module. Color options reflect the same approach as for SmartBand, but the surface has a smooth matte finish. A sporty band is also available.

Simplicity demands
attention to detail

Color and material design began with an understanding of worldwide trends in design and technology. We started by exploring the possibilities not just in silicone, but also in a combination of many different materials, textures, colors, and patterns. Specifically because the products are simple, we had to pay close attention to these details, to ensure comfort and a universally appealing palette of colors.

Hallin, designer

Making technology more like second nature
– and more like an integral part of you
– to make life a little better.
Lifelog and the smartwear line suggest
the exciting directions of things to come.
Sony smartwear products will keep evolving as we blur the barriers
between people and technology.