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Feature Design

2014 BRAVIA®

Emanating a powerful
of presence

Pure Geometry—a design theme
running through 2014 BRAVIA TVs.
By delving into the extremes
of geometric shapes,
we found three basic body styles that blend
in well yet have an assertive edge.

Industrial Design

〈 2014 BRAVIA 〉

Symbolic geometric shapes

The 4K-compatible X9000B series offers both sharp 4K images and superb sound in supremely simple sets. Here, the front, back, and stand form a minimalist triangular wedge. The silhouette is boldly geometric, with a seamless transition from screen to bezel from a surface film that wraps around to the back. The triangular cross-section provides room for powerful speakers toward the base, which produce sound with impact to match the impressive picture quality. Fittingly, sound emerges where the solid surface looks scooped away, as in the previous flagship model. Also fittingly, the circular tweeters are arranged on top, with midrange speakers in the middle and subwoofers on the bottom. The trestle stand emerges neatly from the triangular profile, creating a powerful silhouette composed of geometric shapes from every angle.


Designing stands that people have never seen before has been an ongoing challenge. Interestingly, the simplest support for the slate-like screen has only two points of contact with the underlying surface, as viewed from the side. While seeking an extremely minimal structure in the new trestle stand, we also considered how to provide stable support for large screens. A wedge-shaped trestle stand is also used in 2K-compatible W950B sets, which minimizes the footprint and is convenient when cabinet space is limited.

Standing in harmony
with rooms

As we designed the new BRAVIA line, we sought shapes that naturally go well in rooms. TV screens and stands generally consist of different design elements. Instead of this, we wanted to reduce these elements and combine the screen and legs into a simple, coherent unit that would look better in rooms—as natural as a piece of furniture.

Yokota, producer and designer


An elegant outline with presence

Distilling the striking beauty of a large 4K screen into the merest of sets with an understated elegance—this is a triumph of the X9500B series. Here, the screen and bezel are both enveloped by a sheet of film that makes the bezel and ends of the screen seamless, perfecting the look of a simple slate. Tracing out the most elegant lines to connect the screen to the ends of the four legs creates a sense of presence like that of fine furniture. To keep the space between the screen and floor free of dangling cords, the trestle stand includes cable management. In the graceful silhouette, the slate-like screen stands up straight on the triangular trestle stand, blending in with rooms but projecting a natural sense of presence.

This design theme extends to 2K-compatible W800B sets, with a screen as flush as possible to the bezel. This gives the appearance of an uninterrupted screen that continues to the sides. The rounded sides merge seamlessly into the background. It’s as if the vibrant images on the screen have popped out of thin air.

Materials that tell
a compelling story

In the new BRAVIA models, we use a diverse palette of materials for various finishes. Stainless steel for mirrored edges, brushed metal elsewhere, and even new styling, with a smooth film wrapping around to the back. How materials are used tells you a lot about the overall quality of TVs. No matter how impressive the picture, framing it with inferior materials would diminish the experience. That’s why the entire line is exquisitely designed in every detail. The quality of the picture and experience you can expect is clear from the materials.

Masui, producer and designer


Maximum minimalism

4K-compatible X8500B sets are honed to an extreme minimum, free of any extraneous elements. Only the essentials: a slate-like screen that seems to float atop the triangular trestle stand. A bezel that’s as slim as can be and flush with the screen accentuates 4K images. Sides look clean-cut, an effect enhanced by the aluminum here. Similarly, the trestle stand is cut from a block of aluminum, anodized black in front and a neutral shade on the side. From the front, the stand forms a coherent whole with the screen. From the side, the brushed metal finish subtly recalls the feeling of this material. In all respects, the sets are designed with a focus on genuine materials, to make owning a BRAVIA even more satisfying.