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Event Design -IFA 2017-

A place to embody a brand:
Designing a location to represent the Sony brand experience

The Sony booth at IFA 2017 Berlin wowed visitors across the board. What was behind that success? A lot of it had to do with a new booth design, a concept that aimed for a more profound, more emotional experience of the Sony brand. In this spotlight, we go behind the scenes with the event team to get an idea of how that design took shape.

October 20, 2017

ambie sound earcuffs

Guiding the listening experience
into an uncharted future

Pushing earbuds in a new, exciting direction, ambie sound earcuffs let you enjoy your music without having to cover or put anything into your ears. This behind-the-scenes look at the new earcuffs goes in depth with the project team members, who invested their talents and ideas into making the product a reality.

October 10, 2017


Letting the innovators of tomorrow explore their imaginations

KOOV™, Sony’s new educational robotics and programming kit. The designers behind KOOV recently gave us a revealing look at the concepts and details that went into the new product.

February 01, 2017

Future Lab Program

Sharing new value and
forging a new future with users

Future Lab Program aims to co-create new lifestyles and user value with users for the future. To learn more about the communication design that got the Future Lab Program moving in the right direction, we talked with project members from the Solution Development Department and a member of the design team.

September 01, 2016
News × Design - News Suite

News × Design

Sony brings business divisions and
design teams together to create new value.
- News Suite

Sony’s "News Suite," an innovative take on helping users stay informed. We sat down with the project leader from the business division and two user interface designers to learn more about how design played a role in creating the app and what the future holds for app development.

July 20, 2016
Bank × Design

Bank × Design

How the "story" fuels business
- Sony Bank WALLET

When Sony Bank started developing the revolutionary new WALLET service, the design was a major focal point. Tōru Ishii, General Manager of the Web Planning Division at Sony Bank, recently sat down with two Sony designers to look back on how the design story and the customer experience came together.

April 07, 2016
SST Type Project

SST Type Project

Designing an Authentic Typeface

Developing a typeface ready for 93 languages is no small feat. Go behind the scenes with the Sony designer who envisioned it and the type director Akira Kobayashi, as they recount their thinking and the significance of the project.

December 11, 2013