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Sony Design Exhibition
at Milan Design Week
17-22 April, 2018

Transforming the everyday ordinary to extraordinary.

At Sony, we endeavor to bring a “brand new everyday” into our lives.

We grab a pen to remember something, we reach for a cup to quench our thirst.

Most of what we do, we do without second thought. Memories embedded deep within our bodies move us, and at times it is the most familiar of tools that aid us. Why do these things become a natural part of our everyday lives?

As we search for the key to this secret, we are conducting experiments to design the future.

Technology does not change our lives, instead, it comes closer to us. We go from innovation to creation. We are designing a new form of communication that melds into our lives. Our aim is the evolution of technology that creates comforting experiences. Sony Design invites you to a future where people are awakened to the emotional senses hidden in their everyday lives.
"Hidden Senses"
17 – 22 April, 2018
Via Savona, 56/a, 20144 Milan – Italy