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Sony Design Philosophy

Sony has always been at the forefront of design by keeping true to the founders’ doctrine of "Do what has never been done before" and "Always stay one step ahead". Since its inception, Sony Design has faithfully adhered to these wise words, forging its reputation as a leading, award-winning Design Team.

Guided by five core principles, the team engages in a daily quest for perfection and outstanding creativity to provide enduring value through design.


Our curiosity stems from a context of fun and excitement. Sony thrives on a culture of freedom and open-mindedness, and it is in this spirit of adventure that we provide a sense of wonder across the globe.


For us, design is more than just superficial look and feel. It must also be in harmony with both the human intellect and instinct. Reaching beyond the realms of functionality and aesthetics, design must provide both an intuitive and enriching experience.


Through a relentless process of considered refinement, we determine the distinct essence. Expressed in its clearest and most beautiful form, this essence symbolizes what we strive to achieve in all our design.


In our quest for perfection, we strive to be outstanding with designs of unequivocal originality. A dynamic cultural mix of unique personalities and approaches sparks life into our products and best expresses Sony’s inventiveness.


We have always been on the cutting edge, never being held back by fear of failure. By taking such an approach to design we give form to innovative concepts and bring them to fruition; creating new standards, that turn ideas into global benchmarks.

Bold Typologies

We took the 50th anniversary of the Design Office’s establishment in 1961 as an opportunity to revisit our designs from an objective viewpoint.
What we found was the promise of Sony Design — an unwavering commitment to creating new standards.


Yugo Nakamura

Web Designer / Interface Designer / Motion Director. Born in Nara, Japan 1970. Yugo Nakamura has graduated from the University of Tokyo’s School of Engineering with a Masters degree. At present, he is a Professor at Tama Art University. After establishing his career in Interactive Design since 1998, Nakamura opened his design studio "tha ltd." in 2004. Since then Nakamura has actively participated in various projects, including art-direction for websites, motion media, programming, and various other projects related to the field of design.

Mark Dytham

Director at Klein Dytham architecture (KDa), one of Japan’s most exciting design firms, co-founded with Astrid Klein. Working freely across design disciplines including architecture, interiors and installations, KDa’s output reflects the creative energy and freshness that only Tokyo can provide. KDa’s key projects include Sony Store Los Angeles, Daikanyama T-Site, SHISEIDO THE GINZA and offices for Google Japan.

Global Location

Over the past 30 years or so and in line with its policy of "global localization", Sony has expanded the locations of its design activities throughout the world. The mission is to create new lifestyles by adopting each region’s local characteristics based on Sony Design’s philosophy.