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Updated on September 7, 2016

Initiatives at Sony Electronics Manufacturing Sites

Conducting Regular Assessments

Sony has introduced the EICC framework, including tools for measuring compliance with its standards, to its production plants and implements regular assessments and monitoring to check on compliance and make improvements. Specifically, Sony utilizes the EICC questionnaire as an annual CSR self-assessment survey at all of its electronics manufacturing sites in and outside of Japan as part of its efforts to ascertain compliance with the Sony Supply Chain Code of Conduct. The self-assessment evaluates compliance in five categories designated by the EICC Code of Conduct: labor, health and safety, ethics, environment, and management systems. At manufacturing sites where self-assessment surveys indicate issues with compliance, and further evaluation and improvement in these areas are deemed necessary, the site is audited to develop the appropriate measures to improve compliance. These measures are implemented and, when necessary, an EICC audit is conducted of the site. In fiscal 2015, 20 manufacturing sites in Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, UK, Mexico and Brazil completed self-assessment surveys. The survey did not identify any areas of major non-compliance with Sony standards. In cases where any possibility of violations of the Sony Supply Chain Code of Conduct is reported by external sources, such as NGOs or media reports, the manufacturing site in question determines the facts of the case. If this determination confirms the reported violations, Sony ensures that appropriate action is immediately taken, including an EICC audit conducted by a third-party auditor.
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