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Updated on September 7, 2016

Establishment of the Conflict Minerals Policy Hotline

Sony has established the Conflict Minerals Policy Hotline as part of our continuing efforts to ensure lawful and ethical behavior and to ensure compliance with the Sony Group Conflict Minerals Policy and other applicable policies. This is a confidential resource for any stakeholder to inform us of any suspected violation of Sony Group Conflict Minerals Policy.

  1. Information to be provided to the Conflict Minerals Policy Hotline

    Subject to any local laws or legal restrictions applicable to such reporting, we encourage reporting of possible violations of Sony Group Conflict Minerals Policy. Please include specific information and explain in detail why you think the reported situation or incident may be problematic. Please provide the time date and location of the suspected misconduct, as well as any other pertinent information including the names of any involved companies, groups, departments or individuals, and their titles and functions, if possible.
    Please do not knowingly report a falsehood or abuse the system for improper purposes such as slander or libel.
  2. Methods of contacting the Conflict Minerals Policy Hotline

    Information may be communicated to the Conflict Minerals Policy Hotline by completing the contact form below. The Hotline representatives may want to contact you to ask follow up questions to determine the exact nature of your concerns. You may also contact the Conflict Minerals Policy Hotline anonymously.
  3. Response

    The information provided through the Conflict Minerals Policy Hotline will be received by the assigned unit, which is operated independently from the ordinary procurement transactions. They will promptly review and investigate the concern and take actions that are appropriate to remediate any substantiated concerns. Please be informed that reports on the results of the investigation and any actions taken in response to a report will not be made to the informants unless Sony decides that such reports are necessary.
  4. Handling of personal information

    Sony shall handle the details of the reported information and any personal information about the informant (company name, personal name, etc.) as strictly confidential and use such information only for purposes of investigating the facts. Anyone who comes forward in good faith to report a concern will be treated fairly and respectfully. Sony Group will not tolerate any form of retaliation against anyone who makes a report in good faith. This does not mean that an individual who reports illegal conduct will be protected if he or she engaged in any illegal activity, or improper conduct.
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