Responsible Supply Chain

Management Approach

Materiality Rationale

In recent years, stakeholders have grown increasingly aware of how crucial it is that companies fulfill their overall responsibilities throughout their supply chains, including procurement and production. Sony takes these stakeholder concerns seriously and is working closely with its suppliers on initiatives in fields such as human rights, labor conditions, health and safety, and environmental protection. These initiatives cover not only Sony's own sites, but sites throughout the supply chain-from parts and material suppliers, to mineral mining operations, to production sites operated both by Sony and by subcontractors.

Basic Approach

The foundation of Sony's efforts to build a responsible supply chain is the compliance of each and every director, executive, and employee with the Sony Group Code of Conduct and ethical business practices. Based on this approach, Sony focuses on supply chain management and responsible procurement of raw materials and works with suppliers and subcontractors to establish a responsible supply chain that ensures compliance with the Sony Supply Chain Code of Conduct. These efforts are undertaken in collaboration with relevant industry organizations and other stakeholders.


At Sony, the CSR and compliance groups at the head office, and the human resources & general affairs and procurement groups at Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation (SGMO), take the lead in promoting responsible sourcing activities in cooperation with other related head office divisions, business groups and relevant functions at manufacturing sites. The CSR group at the head office formulates group-wide supply chain management policy. With guidance from the corporate executive officer in charge of production and procurement, the representative director and president of SGMO is responsible for the implementation of the policy. In addition, Sony has a Supplier Hotline to receive complaints. This helps to ensure more responsible sourcing.

Main Achievements in Fiscal 2016

Here are the main results of fiscal 2016 initiatives:

  • Sony conducted CSR self-assessment survey of 20 of its manufacturing sites in Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the UK, Mexico, and Brazil.
  • Sony conducted CSR assessments of 175 of its suppliers.
  • Secondary suppliers were requested to comply with the Sony Supply Chain Code of Conduct.
  • Sony launched a fire prevention initiative to support safety management at supplier facilities.
  • Sony implemented an annual survey of use in relation to the four designated minerals under US law on conflict minerals.
  • Sony was one of the initial participants in the newly launched Responsible Raw Materials Initiative (RRMI).

Looking to the Future

In order to further strengthen efforts to establish a responsible supply chain, Sony will expand assessments of its own sites and its suppliers, for example by having primary suppliers request secondary suppliers to comply with the Sony Supply Chain Code of Conduct. Sony remains committed to ongoing efforts to raise awareness, educate, and provide training in order to focus the attention and boost the capacity of Sony employees-likewise for supplier employees engaged in the supply chain-to respond effectively to responsible supply chain issues.

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