Updated on August 29, 2018

Responsiveness and Customer Service

In addition to continuously improving product quality, Sony is taking various steps to improve its responsiveness and its customer service capabilities, in line with its commitment, set forth in the Sony Pledge of Quality: "Sony employees will always respect our customers' viewpoints in striving to deliver product quality and customer service that exceed their expectations." In customer service, this includes responding to changing customer needs, and in repair services, building organizations designed to ensure the best possible repair service quality.


Sony has assigned CS Officers to coordinate customer service operations in markets around the world where its products are sold. Under the guidance and supervision of the Corporate Executive in charge of Product Quality, and of regional headquarters, Sony has also introduced a set of key performance indicators, such as improvement in rate of repair completion within a predetermined period of time. With the aim of enhancing customer service quality on a global level, Sony has also established a network of bases through which it provides services tailored to the needs of customers in each region.

Training for Customer Support Staff

Committed to providing high-quality services to customers around the world, Sony provides ongoing training for employees and the staff of service partners. In addition to focusing on the acquisition of new service technologies and the sharing of solutions to ensure issues are swiftly and effectively addressed, staff are trained to help customers get the greatest possible enjoyment from their Sony products.

Customer Information Centers and Customer Service Improvements

Sony established its first Customer Information Center in 1963 in Japan to respond to customer inquiries. Today, Sony has Customer Information Centers worldwide, enabling it to provide prompt responses to customer needs that reflect customers' perspectives, thereby helping Sony to improve the quality of its customer service.

In addition to support via telephone and e-mail, in several regions Sony provides customer support via such means as live Internet chat sessions, support using social media platforms, and online community forums where customers can share information to help each other find solutions. In these ways, Sony tailors its support to meet the increasingly diverse needs of its customers in every region of the world.
In addition, Sony conducts surveys to determine customer satisfaction at various touchpoints, and makes improvements based on the survey results in its efforts to continually improve customer satisfaction.

More Convenient, Eco-Friendly Instruction Manuals

To provide better explanations on how to use its products, Sony is bolstering its online support and providing online instruction manuals for improved searchability and greater convenience so that users are able to quickly find what they are looking for.
The Sony website has a support section that offers not only information on the products themselves but also additional support information on software upgrades and network service updates. This is designed to help users better understand Sony products, software, and services, as well as to enable them, when needed, to troubleshoot as quickly as possible. To accommodate a variety of user environments, Sony also provides support information compatible with mobile devices for greater customer convenience.
When it comes to printed product manuals, Sony provides brief “startup guides” that focus on the information needed to begin using a product, such as how to connect and set up, and how to use the basic functions. For some products sold globally, Sony has developed instruction manuals with minimal text and more extensive visuals, making it possible to include multiple languages in a single manual, which is expected to contribute to environmental protection by reducing paper consumption.

Repair and Service Network

Currently, there are more than 3,700 Sony customer service locations worldwide, including Sony customer service stations and authorized repair agents.
To enhance customer satisfaction, Sony is working to meet customer needs by reducing the number of days required for repairs, overhauling its repair pricing system, and providing collection services for repair items, among other efforts. Sony is reinforcing its customer services and building systems that will enable its service network to respond to customer needs in line with the "One Sony" concept. By strengthening the feedback mechanism for product quality based on repair information, Sony also aims to keep enhancing quality.

Consumer AV Product Service Locations (Fiscal 2017)
Region Number of Repair Service Locations
Japan 485
United States/Canada 638
Europe 1,003
Mainland China and Hong Kong Region 588
Asia-Pacific *1 625
Others *2 429
*1 Southeast Asia, Oceania, India, South Korea and Taiwan Region
*2 Middle East, Latin America and Africa
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