Quality and Services

Management Approach

Materiality Rationale

In recent years, customers and other stakeholders have become increasingly concerned about the protection of consumer rights. Product safety, security, and accessibility are very important in this respect. Sony is expected to provide products and customer services that are high in quality from its customers' viewpoints.

Basic Approach

True to its Philosophy and Policy for Product Quality and Customer Services, Sony is wholeheartedly committed to improving product and service quality from its customers' viewpoints in order to both maintain and enhance satisfaction, confidence, and trust. In particular, Sony is working to ensure product quality and improve accessibility and usability, in the conviction that its most important goal is to remain a highly trusted partner to all customers.


Sony has configured its global quality management system by defining quality management mechanisms across all processes, from product development, planning, design, and manufacturing through sales and customer service. This has included defining the roles, responsibilities, and authority of those responsible for product and customer service quality and establishing guidelines.

In addition, in order to respond effectively to quality problems and customer inquiries, Sony is taking steps around the world to open up Customer Service Centers and reinforce its customer service network.

Main Achievements in Fiscal 2016

Here are the main results of fiscal 2016 initiatives:

  • In order to deliver customers product quality and customer service that exceed their expectations, Sony continuously applies a wide range of internal rules for quality specifications.
  • Sony presented information visually in its startup guides to make the information easier to understand.
  • In order to provide customers with truly useful support and information, staff who deal directly with customers regularly attended training and education activities to familiarize themselves with new technologies and shared information on how to solve problems.
  • Sony analyzed customer feedback (including comments made on social media) in an effort to improve quality and products.
  • Sony improved accessibility of its website based on the Sony Group Website Accessibility Policy.
  • Sony took measures to improve the accessibility of the general meeting of shareholders.
  • Sony runs the internal UI testing program not only by its employees but also by their family members to expand the diversity.
  • Sony offers the variety of channels of communications with customers about product inquires such as online chat, e-mail, and telephone to meet the different needs.

Looking to the Future

Sony will continue to take its customers' viewpoints in order to deliver product quality and customer service that exceed customers' expectations. This is a necessary first step toward ensuring product quality and security, and preventing safety problems before they cause any harm. With these aims in mind, Sony will continue making use of its worldwide network to collect and analyze information which can then be reflected in the next releases of products and services.

Activity Reports

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