Message from the CEO

At Sony, our mission is to be a company that inspires and fulfills your curiosity. Everything about our business is designed to deliver new social value and offer highly useful innovations—that's how we earn a sustainable profit. All of Sony's businesses, whether in electronics, entertainment, or finance, are united by the passion our people have for inventing new ways to provide value. Our passion today is animated by the same spirit of innovation and challenge that our founders laid out in the company's Founding Prospectus.

Let me give you some examples. We are excited about the ways we are finding to incorporate our unique products and services into STEM education* for children in the classroom and in scientific institutions. Meanwhile, we are globalizing the utilization of our educational content in order to build new infrastructure that helps to make quality education accessible to all. In the entertainment business, we are leveraging our resources—for instance famous characters from Sony films—in international campaigns to raise awareness and engage the public in tackling social issues.

With these efforts and many more, Sony is working hard to do its part in building a more sustainable world; specifically, to support the international community to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The key to our effort in this area is innovation that makes the most of both technology and content for the public good. To build a more sustainable world, environmental considerations must be an integral aspect of business. The Sony Group has declared the long-term vision of achieving a zero environmental footprint for all of our business activities and the entire lifecycle of our products by the year 2050. Accordingly, we strive to deliver environmentally-conscious products and services and to reduce environmental impact throughout the entire value chain. Sony has earned particular recognition from various stakeholders for its progressive environmental programs in the areas of climate change and water resource management.

The devastating April 2016 earthquake that struck Kumamoto, Japan gravely affected a great many people. We did everything possible to restore our damaged plants as quickly as possible, and employees from across the Sony Group participated to help the local recovery effort. Aware of the particular vulnerability of children in times of emergency and recovery, Sony partnered in October 2016 with the NGO Save the Children Japan to establish an emergency disaster and recovery fund focused specifically on support for children affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises.

At Sony, we remain committed to engaging in continuous dialogue with our stakeholders as we strive to do our part in building a more sustainable world.

Kenichiro Yoshida
President and Chief Executive Officer
Representative Corporate Executive Officer
Sony Corporation

  • *STEM education emphasizes science, technology, engineering, and math.
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