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CSR Report 2007 PDF

  • About CSR Report 2007
  • Message from Management
  • Sony Overview
  • Special Feature

    ·Climate Change
    ·Supply Chain Management
    ·Sony in China: Aiming to establish strong local roots and achieve long-term growth together

  • Management

    ·Corporate Governance

  • Product Responsibility

    ·Quality Management
    ·Responsiveness and Customer Service

  • Employees

    ·Employment and Employee-Management Relations
    ·Human Rights, Equal Opportunities and Diversity
    ·Human Resources System and Personnel Development
    ·Occupational Health & Safety

  • Community

    ·Social Contribution Activities
    ·For the Next Generation
    ·Sony Volunteer Program: Someone Needs You

  • Environment

    ·Sony Group Environmental Vision
    ·Overview of Sony's Environmental Impact
    ·Green Management 2010: Progress Report
    ·Environmental Management Structure
    ·Reducing Environmental Impact of Products
    ·Environmental Initiatives in the Entertainment Field
    ·Reducing Environmental Impact of Logistics
    ·Product Recycling
    ·Environmental Conservation at Sites
    ·Independent Verification Report

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