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CSR Report 2005 PDF

  • Messages from Management
  • Sony Overview
    Business at a Glance
    Sony and Innovation
  • Management

    · Corporate Governance
    · Compliance
    · Quality Control Management
    · Supplier Management

  • Sony and People

    · For Shareholders
    · For Customers: Customer Satisfaction
    · For Employees: Employment and Employee Management Relations
    · For Employees: Human Resources System
    · For Employees: Diversity and Equal Opportunities
    · For Employees: Education and Training
    · For Employees: Work Environment and Occupational Health & Safety
    · For the Community

  • Sony and the Global Environment

    · Sony Group Environmental Vision
    · Overview of Sony's Environmental Impact
    · Progress of Green Management 2005
    · Environmental Management Structure
    · Energy Saving and Resource Conservation of Products
    · Management of Chemical Substances in Products
    · Environmentally Conscious Products and Services
    · Reduction of Environmental Impact in Logistics
    · Environmental Activities Promoted Together with Artists
    · Product Recycling
    · Global Warming Prevention Measures at Sites
    · Resource Conservation at Sites
    · Chemical Substance Management at Sites
    · Site Environmental Data
    · Independent Verification Report

  • Sony's Views on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    About CSR Report 2005
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