Updated on August 29, 2018

Research & Development

Through the key themes of kando—to move people emotionally—and “getting closer to people,” Sony plans to continue to conduct R&D based on the spirit of innovation and challenge detailed in its Founding Prospectus. Sony has a social responsibility to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through innovation, and is determined to foster new technologies and business in order to create social value.

R&D Framework

To create kando with users, the R&D Center works to promote R&D by integrating devices and systems. While continuing its R&D efforts to enhance product strength in its Branded Hardware Business—comprising Home Entertainment & Sound, Imaging Products & Solutions and Mobile Communications segments—as well as in its Semiconductors Business, Sony will also strive to expand applications of its technologies in the B-to-B, entertainment and financial services fields.

Sony has engaged in the separation of business units into distinct subsidiaries across the Sony Group, in order to reinforce the competitiveness of each business and ensure clearly attributable accountability and responsibility. Each of these subsidiaries conducts R&D related to its business field.

Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. was established in 1988 to conduct R&D that contributes to humanity and society by pioneering new research areas and research paradigms and developing new technologies and businesses. The company is developing new research fields by giving researchers the freedom to pursue highly creative and fundamental research that is truly innovative in nature.

Those R&D activities are carried out at its locations around the world, including in Tokyo, San Jose, Beijing, Stuttgart, and Paris.

R&D Costs

R&D costs for fiscal 2017 increased by 11.0 billion yen to 458.5 billion yen. The ratio of R&D expense to total revenue excluding Financial Services was 6.3%, compared to 6.9% in the previous fiscal year. For details on the R&D costs, refer to Form 20-F.

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