Updated on August 29, 2019

Human Rights in the Workplace

Sony is committed to creating a workplace where human rights are respected and equal employment opportunities that allow all individuals to make the most of their capabilities are provided. Sony also helps to ensure that workers’ rights are protected by adhering to worker protection laws, regulations, and standards in the regions where it does business.

The Sony Group Code of Conduct, which sets forth Sony’s global policy on respect for human rights, also includes Sony’s policy on equal opportunity in employment and non-discrimination and expressly states: "Sony strives to promote diversity and seeks to create a culture that allows all Sony personnel to contribute their unique talents and skills so as to provide the best products and services to our customers, and Sony is committed to recruiting, hiring, training, promoting and otherwise treating applicants and employees without discrimination based on factors that are unrelated to Sony's legitimate business interests."

Human rights issues facing corporations today are increasingly complex and wide-ranging; Sony believes that a crucial first step in addressing these issues is to raise awareness and build a common understanding among employees.

Sony's Organization for Ensuring Respect for Human Rights

All Sony Group companies in Japan have a Diversity Committee, which meets to conduct workshops on human rights, diversity, and related matters as well as to share knowledge among colleagues. Other Sony Group companies have similar programs in place to ensure respect for human rights in the workplace.

Employee Counseling Resources

In addition to the ethics hotline and other reporting mechanisms, each Sony Group company in Japan maintains an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) counseling hotline, to enable it to take immediate action against potential human rights issues, including various forms of harassment, and to provide employees with a resource for advice on these issues. Additionally, Sony provides counseling services that enable employees to address concerns regarding work-life balance, parenting, caregiving, LGBT issues, and access to equal opportunities. These counseling services equip Sony to respond quickly and appropriately while giving full consideration to personal privacy. Sony strictly enforces confidentiality and ensures that employees are not subject to reprisal for reporting or using these services. To ensure that counselors fully understand these matters, Sony provides manuals and holds seminars.

Education and Training

Sony provides Code of Conduct training to all newly hired employees. The Code of Conduct course emphasizes the value of respecting human rights and covers proper workplace conduct. In Japan, all newly hired employees are provided training on the importance of protecting human rights and the value of diversity, while specific training programs on the protection of human rights are regularly offered to managers. In addition, an e-learning course focusing on the protection of human rights is provided to all employees of Sony Corporation, and is offered to employees at to 36 of its affiliates. In fiscal 2018, 90% of eligible employees took the e-learning course.

Diversity seminar open to all employees, aimed at raising awareness of human rights

Sharing of Activities

Every December, in support of Human Rights Week, an awards ceremony is held for Sony Group companies in Japan to recognize departments that have been successful in their efforts to promote diversity.

In addition, in Japan, Sony has established a communication practices study group composed of Sony personnel working in advertising and communication practice. This study group meets regularly to share information about communication practices related to human rights.

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