Updated on August 29, 2019

Roles of Corporate Pension Funds as Asset Owners

Sony manages domestic defined benefit pension scheme through Sony Corporate Pension Fund (the “Sony Fund”). Sony Fund manages its assets in line with its Basic Pension Plan Management Policy (the “Policy”) which was set to secure beneficiaries’ right of benefit and to stabilize company’s contribution.
In order to realize prudential and appropriate asset management structure in Sony Fund, Sony appoints asset management director of Sony Fund who should have proper knowledge and skills, based on the nomination by general manager of Sony’s finance department, and Sony Fund appoints external advisor to supplement their specialties in asset management.
Based on the Policy, decisions on fund management are made by governing board of Sony Fund after approval on asset management committee. Members of said committee include representative employees as beneficiaries of Sony Fund by which conflict of interest between Sony Fund and Sony is properly controlled.
Sony Fund issues asset management policy letter to newly appointed asset management fund and periodically reviews and evaluates funds’ compliance status based on said policy letter.

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