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Updated on September 7, 2016

Policy for Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders

Sony's policy on investor relations activities is to aim to disclose accurate information in a timely and fair manner, as well as to endeavor to promote constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors, with a view to maximizing Sony's corporate value by building a relationship of trust with shareholders and investors. The Board delegates IR duties to the Chief Financial Officer (the "CFO"), who in turn oversees the IR department. Under the CFO's supervision, the IR department focuses on promoting constructive dialogue with Sony's shareholders and investors. As a part of this task, the IR department considers and implements measures to enhance dialogue with shareholders and investors other than by way of holding one-on-one meetings, such as through investor meetings, corporate strategy meetings and "IR Days", and coordinates internally to assist the dialogue with Sony's shareholders and investors while also providing feedback from such dialogue to the Corporate Executive Officers and the Board.

Also, when holding dialogues with shareholders and investors, no inside information is to be disclosed. The IR department reviews the information to be disclosed in advance with other relevant departments and outside experts, as deemed appropriate.

Please refer to the page below, for the details on "Disclosure Controls and Procedures" and our IR activities
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