Updated on August 23, 2017

Corporate Executive Officers and Corporate Executives

Primary role

  • CEO and other Corporate Executive Officers:
    Make decisions regarding the execution of the Sony Group's business activities within the scope of the authority delegated to them by the Board of Directors
  • Corporate Executives:
    Carry out business operations within designated areas, including business units, headquarters functions, and/or research and development, in accordance with the fundamental policies determined by the Board of Directors and the Corporate Executive Officers

Policy and procedure for election of Corporate Executive Officer candidates

The appointment and dismissal of Corporate Executive Officers and the assignment of roles and responsibilities for Corporate Executive Officers are made by the Board. In making these decisions, the Board, especially outside Directors, considers whether candidates have the necessary skills, capabilities, experiences and achievements that correspond to the Corporate Executive Officers' expected roles and responsibilities in executing relevant business operations. For a list of the latest Corporate Executive Officers, please refer to the page below.

The delegation of authority to the Corporate Executive Officers

The Board determines the fundamental management policies and other material matters related to the operation of Sony's business. The Board assigns the duties of Corporate Executive Officers by determining the areas over which each Corporate Executive Officer is in charge and delegating its decision-making authority to the Corporate Executive Officer accordingly, with a view to promoting timely and efficient decision-making within the Sony Group. Please refer to the page below for Sony's Board Charter, which details the processes and policies for reporting by the Corporate Executive Officers to the Board and matters requiring Board approval.

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