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Updated on September 7, 2016

Environmental Mid-Term Targets for Operations

In its Green Management 2015 environmental mid-term targets which ran through fiscal 2015, Sony set the following targets for operations at its sites. To meet these targets, Sony pursued site greening and other efforts aimed at conserving biodiversity, while also undertaking environmental communication initiatives, embracing environmental technologies in manufacturing processes, promoting green purchasing practices and incorporating environmental perspectives when constructing buildings.
Targets of "Green Management 2015" for Operations
General Conduct environmental assessments (including biodiversity impact assessment).
Climate Change Reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 30% (compared with FY2000)
  • Reduce absolute waste generation by 50% (compared with FY2000)
  • Improve waste recycling rate group-wide: 99% or more
  • Reduce absolute water consumption by 30% (compared with FY2000)
Chemical Substances Take actions for class 1 - 4. Detailed groups of chemical substances are described separately.
Class 1 substances: Prohibit use.
Class 2 substances: Eliminate use by a specified date.
Class 3 substances: Reduce the amounts released and transferred.
Reduce the amounts released to water, and the amounts transferred to sewer / as waste (including VOC*) by 14% (compared with FY2008).
Reduce the amounts of VOC released to the air by 50% (compared with FY2000).
Class 4 substances: Comply with the relevant laws and regulations and use under appropriate control.
Biodiversity, Contribution to Local Communities, Others Promote environmental activities respecting the needs of the local community.

Volatile organic compounds

Performance on Green Management 2015 Environmental Mid-Term Targets

For performance for each target, please visit below link.

Environmental Mid-Term Targets from Fiscal 2016

Sony has set Green Management 2020 environmental mid-term targets spanning from fiscal 2016 through fiscal 2020, and is now focused on meeting these new targets. For more information, please visit below link.

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