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Updated on September 7, 2016

Recycling Activities in Latin America

Sony has offices in a number of Central and South American countries, including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama and Peru. These offices operate recycling programs designed to meet the needs of their particular areas. Here we introduce a joint project operated throughout Latin America as well as representative examples of Sony commitment to recycling initiatives.

Sony Joint Project in Central and South America: Green Service Program

Since 2010, Sony sales companies in Latin America-including Sony Mexico, Sony Inter-American, Sony Colombia, Sony Peru, Sony Chile and Sony Argentina-gradually launched the Green Service Program. During 2012 this program was expanded to Sony sales company in Bolivia as well. Under this initiative, using participating companies' service networks, products and components that are under warranty but discarded during repair are appropriately treated. Also the e-waste generated by Sony sales companies facilities in Latin America are appropriately treated under this program as well. This program marks a shift in focus from simple disposal to the proper management and repair of products, helping Sony fulfill its responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of its products after they are sold and respond to the expectations of customers. In fiscal 2015, approximately 352 tons of scrap were collected and processed appropriately. Going forward, the companies will continue to implement the Green Service Program.

Supporting the Electronic Waste Recycling Program "Live the Change (Vive el Cambio)"

  • Logo of "Live the Change" (Spanish)
"Live the Change" (Vive el Cambio)" is an environmental campaign operated by Sony Group companies in Latin America. This campaign is designed based on the Sony Stores retail platform, aiming for direct contact with customers, in an effort to educate them about the benefits of product recycling to ensure efficient use of precious natural resources, while at the same time actively collaborating with Sony on the new paradigm of "Circular Economy" for a sustainable future.
Launched on Earth Day in 2014, with a presence in 5 countries in Latin America and with a total of 27 collection points, the initiative is encouraging Sony customers to bring in their Sony Mobile phones and small Sony products for recycling. During fiscal 2015 a total of about 5.2 tons of products have been collected. This has allowed Sony to partner with local governments and NGOs to amplify our eco message by joining public campaigns and capturing the interest of local media and digital opinion leaders. More and more participants are being reached via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where the number of followers has topped 20,000 and the number of tweets and other contacts has hit 4 million.

Recycling Used Mobile Phones

Sony Mobile Communications Inc.(SOMC) has promoted the recycling of used mobile phones worldwide since the autumn of 2008. To this end, SOMC distributes detailed information on the collection and recycling of used mobile phones in 47 countries. In 23 of these countries, SOMC has set up its own voluntary collection system.
One SOMC best practice is a used mobile phone collection program in Latin America that has placed collection boxes in 27 service centers or stores in five countries in the region. A couple of times every year SOMC organize one-time events promoting recycling and sustainable activities under the Vive el Cambio concept in Latin America.

Similar programs are in place in other areas, including Russia, which uses collection boxes at service centers, and India, which asks customers to return used mobile phones in person. In the France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States, SOMC offers postage-paid collection for used mobile phones under the Xperia™ Care program.
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