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Updated on August 23, 2017

Recycling Activities in Europe

Take-back legislation in Europe - in particular, the European Union (EU) Directives on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)*1, Batteries*2 and Packaging*3 - requires manufacturers to organize and finance the collection and recycling of end-of-life products and packaging.

Sony takes full responsibility for its take-back obligations in all applicable European countries.
This is exemplified by our strong commitment to actively create a competitive market for professional recycling activities in Europe.
As such, in December 2002, Sony joined forces with Braun GmbH, AB Electrolux and Hewlett Packard Europe S.A., to form the European Recycling Platform (ERP). The aim of ERP was to establish efficient and cost-effective systems for the collection and recycling of end-of-life electrical and electronic products to enable member companies to fulfill their obligations as manufacturers.Sony continuously strives to find the best recycling partners across Europe.

Directive 2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
Directive 2006/66/EU on batteries and accumulators and waste batteries and accumulators
Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste

Sony's Recycling Compliance Systems

Sony utilizes authorized collection schemes for the collection and recycling of WEEE, batteries and packaging across Europe. These conduct regular on-site audits of all contracted recyclers to ensure compliance and prevent illegal shipments outside the EU. Sony engages authorized partners that undertake recycling on behalf of manufacturers to ensure our products are recycled in a compliant manner, in accordance with European Directives and country specific regulations.

In 2016, Sony financed the costs of recycling around 52,155 tons* of end-of-life products and packaging in Europe. Sony discloses for all its products placed on the market in Europe information on substances and components that require special treatment to facilitate safe recycling.

End-of-life products and packaging in 2016 does not include packaging for Netherlands.

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