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Updated on September 7, 2016

Conserving Resources

Resources Used in Products Reduced by 7% from Fiscal 2014

Under the Green Management 2015 mid-term environmental targets, Sony worked to reduce the virgin plastic utilization rate*1 by 5 percentage points and the average mass of products by 10% from the fiscal 2008 level by fiscal 2015. This was done by stepping up efforts to use reused/recycled materials in products and to reduce product weight. In fiscal 2015, the last year of Green Management 2015, Sony reduced the virgin plastic utilization rate by 4.3 percentage points and the average mass of products by approximately 30%, compared to the fiscal 2008 level. For products sold in fiscal 2015, Sony used a total volume of resources of approximately 610,000 tons,*2 which was down around 7% from fiscal 2014. Major factors in this were the weight reduction of products and packages, particularly televisions and game consoles, as well as a sales decline in some product categories.

Under Green Management 2020, which started in April 2016, Sony is working on further resource-saving measures to achieve the new target for fiscal 2020 of reducing use of virgin plastics per product by 10% compared to the fiscal 2013 level.

Virgin plastic utilization rate: Percentage of plastics used accounted for by petrochemical-derived plastics
Total volume of resources used: Total weight of resources used in products, accessories, instruction manuals and packaging materials. The weight of total products shipped is used to represent this value.

Reducing the Use of Resources in Products

In all product categories, Sony promotes the development of more lightweight and compact products and is expanding the use of recycled materials with the aim of minimizing the use of new resources. Furthermore, to make it easier to recycle products after disposal, ease of disassembly is included in Sony's product design criteria.
Click here for Sony and the Environment, which features detailed information on environmental initiatives.

Creating Environmentally Conscious Packaging

Sony is promoting the conservation of resources for product packaging disposed of by the consumer. Efforts include minimizing product packaging and expanding the use of recycled materials (recycled plastic, paper and other materials).
Click here for Sony and the Environment, which features detailed information on environmental initiatives.

Digitization of Product Manuals

Sony is conserving resources by making documentation digitally available for downloading, while working to keep documents readily understandable as documentation volume grows in support more multi-functional products. As a result, customers can more readily view documentation on a variety of devices including PCs, tablets, and smartphones, while the amount of paper used to print documentation is being reduced. Fewer printed pages also mean less carbon emissions from printing and having to ship documentation with products.

Textless Startup Guide

  • Textless Startup Guide for Sony Walkman® products sold in markets outside of Japan
As part of initiatives to conserve resources in documentation, Sony has adopted Textless Startup Guide for Sony Walkman® and headphone products sold in markets outside of Japan. The universal Startup Guide, which are included with each product, use illustrations to guide consumers through setup and basic operation, replacing multilingual documentation that used to be written in as many as nine languages. With Textless Startup Guide, consumers can directly comprehend the instructions no matter what language they speak, and without having to look up the instructions in their preferred language. The use of Textless Startup Guide enabled Sony to reduce approximately 16.7 tons of paper in fiscal 2015 for Sony Walkman® and headphone products, which was a 23.8% reduction from fiscal 2014 levels. Textless Startup Guide also reduce the bulk and weight of product packaging. Sony received a Good Design Award 2015 in recognition of its fresh approach to using textless documentation.

Sony Financial Group—Going Paperless

The Sony Financial Group is reducing the use of paper for contracts and transactions, both to conserve paper resources and reduce mailing that produces carbon emissions. In October 2012, Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd. updated its sales support system through the large-scale deployment of some 5,000 devices, which enable staff to electronically fill out insurance applications, effectively making the process paperless. Sony Bank Inc. encourages customers to sign up to digitally receive records for investment trust transactions, while Sony Assurance Inc. enables consumers to apply for vehicle insurance online, eliminating the printing and mailing of application forms. Consumers who apply for vehicle insurance online can also opt out of receiving a printed copy of their insurance papers, receiving a 500-yen discount off the price of their insurance for going paperless.
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