Updated on August 23, 2017

Conducting an Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Sony conducts product life cycle assessments (LCAs) on products for all major electronics categories, with the aim of identifying and quantifying the environmental impact of products at all stages of their life cycles that include materials and parts production, product assembly and transport, product use and standby mode, and end of life (i.e., disposal and recycling). LCAs help us to clarify priorities for product improvement and environmental impact reduction measures.

As shown in the chart titled "Breakdown of CO2 Emissions Over the Life Cycle of Sony Products," we see that the life cycle stages responsible for generating a large portion of a product's CO2 emissions differ depending on the product category. For example, for product categories such as LCD televisions, and Blu-ray Disc™/DVD players, emissions during product use account for a large proportion of total emissions. For this reason, reducing the power consumption of these products during use is particularly important. Conversely, among product categories such as smartphones and digital video cameras, a large portion of CO2 emissions occur at the manufacturing stage and in the production of materials and parts, rather than during use. For these products, such measures as reducing the parts count are crucial in lowering life cycle CO2 emissions.

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