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Updated on September 7, 2016

Progress Toward Achieving Mid-Term Targets for Logistics

Environmental Mid-Term Targets for Logistics

In its Green Management 2015 environmental mid-term targets which ran through end fiscal 2015, Sony set the following target for logistics. To meet these mid-term targets, Sony pursued initiatives to reduce shipping weights by designing more compact, lighter products, as well as to optimize shipping efficiency (smaller product packaging, better load efficiency, improved parts packaging, joint shipping) and switch to modes of transportation with less environmental impact (modal shift, use of fuel efficient vehicles).

Targets of "Green Management 2015" for Logistics
Climate Change Reduce total CO2 emissions by 14% (compared with FY2008)
Resources Reduce incoming parts packaging waste by 16% (compared with FY2008)

Performance on Green Management 2015 Environmental Mid-Term Targets

For performance for each target, please visit below link.

Environmental Mid-Term Targets from Fiscal 2016

Sony has set Green Management 2020 environmental mid-term targets spanning from fiscal 2016 through fiscal 2020, and is now focused on meeting these new targets. For more information, please visit below link.

CO2 Emissions from Transport of Finished Products

  • CO2 Emissions from Product Transportation
Under the Green Management 2015 environmental mid-term targets which ran through fiscal 2015, Sony reduced CO2 emissions generated by transporation in fiscal 2015 by approximately 112,000 tons (both international transportation and within Japan), an approximate 74% reduction from fiscal 2008 and an 18% reduction from fiscal 2014. Since fiscal 2008, the base year of its environmental mid-term targets, Sony has been taking steps to expand the calculation scope of CO2 emissions from logistics, and Sony's current scope covers more than 40 countries and territories such as Japan, the United States, Europe and Asia. Owing to the addition of several countries and territories to the calculation scope, CO2 emissions from logistics in fiscal 2015 amounted to approximately 258,000 tons.
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