Updated on August 29, 2018

Progress Toward Achieving Mid-Term Targets for Logistics

Environmental Mid-Term Targets for Logistics

In its Green Management 2020 environmental mid-term targets, which run through the end of fiscal 2020, Sony set the following target for logistics. To meet the target, Sony pursues initiatives to reduce shipping weights by designing more compact, lighter products, as well as to optimize shipping efficiency (smaller product packaging, better load efficiency, improved parts packaging, joint shipping) and switch to modes of transportation with less environmental impact (modal shift, use of fuel efficient vehicles).

Green Management 2020 Target for Logistics
Climate change Reduce absolute CO2 emissions related to logistics between nations and within regions by 10%
(compared with FY2013)

CO2 Emissions from Transport of Finished Products

Under the Green Management 2020 environmental mid-term targets, which run through fiscal 2020, Sony reduced CO2 emissions generated by transportation in fiscal 2017 by approximately 199,000 tons (both international and intraregional transportation*1), an approximate 50% reduction from fiscal 2013 and an approximate 10% reduction from fiscal 2016. These results are due to switching to low-emission modes of transport and shortening transportation routes, as well as increased load efficiency achieved by downsizing product packaging and improving component packaging.

  • *1Some countries and regions are excluded from "intraregional transportation."
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