Updated on August 29, 2019

Scope, Collection Period, and Accuracy of Compiled Data

Collection Period: April 1, 2018-March 31, 2019

In principle, data for results was compiled in the period stated above. Estimates have been used, however, at some sites where the impact on overall results is deemed to be extremely minor.

Scope of Data Collection

  • Site data:
           All ISO 14001-certified sites as of March 31, 2019

Among Sony Group consolidated sites, all manufacturing sites, distribution sites with 100 or more employees, and non-manufacturing sites with 1,000 or more employees are, in principle, expected to obtain ISO 14001 certification.

  • Product data:
    Data covers all products manufactured by the Sony Group and sold outside the Group. Accessories, semi-manufactured products and components are included. Weight data includes the weight of packaging materials.

Data Accuracy

  • Site data:
    Chemical substance data and environmental cost data collected from certain sites may be slightly less accurate than other data.
  • Product data:
    Data for some semi-manufactured products, components, and some products produced and sold overseas may be slightly less accurate than other data.

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