Updated on August 29, 2019

Resource Related Data Collection Methods and Rationale

Volume of Waste Generated at Sites

Total volume of industrial waste and non-industrial waste.

Volume of Waste Landfilled from Sites

Of the waste generated at sites, the weight sent to landfill.

Volume of Water Consumption/Discharged

  • The volume of water consumption represents the total volume of water used at sites (municipal water, industrial water, well water) ; for municipal water and industrial water, purchase volume is substituted for the purpose of calculation.
  • The volume of water discharged represents the sum of discharges of water to rivers and to sewerage. For Sony sites where it is not possible to accurately grasp actual discharge volume, a calculation based on the volume of water used x average per-site rate for volume of water discharged is substituted.

Product Resource Input

Total volume of resources used in products, accessories, manuals and packaging materials. Total weight of products shipped is used as a substitute.

Volume of Reused/Recycled Materials

Total volume of reused/recycled materials and vegetable-based plastics used for products, accessories, manuals and packaging

Volume of Resource Recovery from End-of-Life Products

Volume of products collected from recycling multiplied by the reused/recycled ratio.
Volume of products collected from recycling is the weight of recycled products in Japan/East Asia, Europe, North America, Pan Asia, and Latin America.
Some amounts calculated based on the recycling expenses are included.
The reused/recycled ratio is the volume reused/recycled compared with the total volume collected. The amount of collected end-of-life products is substituted under the current situation.

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