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Updated on September 7, 2016

Field-Specific Technology Strategy Committees and Inter-organizational Collaboration

Sony is technology-driven. To be known as such, achieving overwhelming technological superiority is an absolute imperative. Toward that end, the entire group is pooling its efforts as part of the One Sony strategy. Strong inter-organizational ties accelerate technical progress, bring about technological integration, and yield new products and services unlike anything seen before anywhere. Business units have been spun off to operate as independent, autonomous subsidiaries. At the same time, Sony seeks to strengthen cohesiveness by creating arrangements that span the boundaries between different business units and Group companies, and with that aim in mind Sony has established field-specific technology strategy committees.
  • Field-Specific Technology Strategy Committees
A technology strategy committee is established for each field. Each one consists of specialists who are selected from across business units and Group companies. These committees work to achieve technical innovation and roll out organization-specific technologies across the Group. Technology is developed by people, so technology strategy committees implement related human resource measures. Sony has adopted an organization-wide approach to personnel assignments and skills development as well as personnel recruitment; this approach accounts for the special features of different technologies, and transcends the boundaries between different business units and Sony Group companies. In addition, group-wide engineer certification systems—such as the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award*1 and the Distinguished Engineer system*2—rely on the technology strategy committees to act as judges to evaluate who should be singled out for special recognition.

In fiscal 2003, Sony established the Sony Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award to recognize Sony Group employees who have developed innovations that create new value for customers and have worked hard to solve advanced technical problems by applying specialized expertise and knowledge.
The Distinguished Engineer (DE) designation is a group-wide system for providing recognition to employees who possess outstanding technical expertise and have made a significant contribution to Sony.

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