Updated on August 23, 2017

Developing and Deploying Core Human Resources Capable of Excelling Globally

Sony University was established in 2000 in the Shinagawa district of Tokyo. Its mission is to develop the people who will shape and lead management vision and strategy, carry on the Sony Spirit, and build strong personal networks that facilitate Group management. The University offers short-term and long-term programs for cross-border, cross-regional, and cross-organizational development of the global leaders who will drive Sony's business forward.

For instance, potential business leaders from around the world participate in a six-month program that promotes friendly competition. In Japan, Sony also strives to foster future business leaders, offering a seven-month module for prospective core leaders, as well as a program for more junior employees identified as future management candidates, both promoting active interaction and mutual learning.

Participants in a Sony University program
Sony Group Global Leadership Programs around the World
Global Challenge Program
Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation (SGMO) has established its Global Challenge Program to enable its employees who have worked abroad to apply what they have learned after returning to Japan, thereby contributing to the development of SGMO. Under the program, SGMO sends employees to work at offices in another country to allow them to experience a different culture and become directly familiar with the dynamics of a workplace outside Japan. Each year, five employees working for SGMO are selected for a three-month program in the U.K. or Brazil.

Sony appoints global talent directors to identify promising individuals for worldwide job rotations aimed at grooming future business leaders, regardless of their business specialty or region of the world. To date, almost 100 Sony employees, primarily executive managers and mid-tier managers, have been rotated in various job assignments.

Recently, Sony has begun debating the idea of linking its job rotation program with other initiatives aimed at fostering employees' talents to create a more integrated, comprehensive global program.

Sony fosters global leaders, matching high-potential individuals with global careers to business needs that demand optimum personnel, irrespective of nationality.
Examples of Activities for Appointing Global Business Leaders around the World
(Latin America)
With the aim of reinforcing efforts to foster future regional business leaders, in fiscal 2010 Sony in Latin America introduced the Positioning for Success program, a job rotation initiative that encompasses key positions in the region, as well as cross-border assignments arranged by global talent directors. Sony in Latin America also participated actively in the succession program.
(Asia Pacific)
This core human resource recruitment program operates in tandem with each Group company in the Asia-Pacific region to recruit and foster future regional business leaders. Multinational job rotation is implemented for business leaders and talented young people.
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