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Updated on September 7, 2016

Training Activities

In Japan, Sony Corporation offers more than 300 employee training programs—including general training, e-learning, and on-site training—all tailored to specific objectives. Mandatory multilevel job-specific training helps participants acquire crucial skills in a systematic effort to foster the development of the "human quotient." Sony is also expanding its menu of elective training options, consisting of lectures, correspondence courses and courses provided by affiliated training agencies, which are aimed at enhancing job performance, as well as providing support for self-learning and personal development. In fiscal 2015, Sony has been working on training program reviews as well as insourcing instructors from among employees, seeking to improve the efficiency and quality of each training program. These efforts helped to save about 190,000 yen per Sony employee in human resource development cost.
Participation in Companywide Training in Fiscal 2015 (Sony Corporation)
Targeted Mandatory Elective
Number of programs 15 29 244 5 293
Number of times offered 22 228 443 19 712
Participants 261 15,393 12,633 1,621 29,908
Cumulative total training time (Hours) 8,415 47,856 28,739 6,418 91,428
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