Updated on January 7, 2019

Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives in Europe

Occupational Health and Safety Risk Reduction Program

In Europe, Sony has identified occupational health and safety (OHS) management as a top priority and has implemented an OHS risk reduction program since 2004. The program aims to lower OHS risk by reducing occupational accidents and strengthening the health and well-being of employees.

This program is based on three main initiatives:

  1. Risk assessment;
  2. Mandatory OHS training for all employees; and
  3. Accident/incident investigation and follow-up.

Program implementation and performance is reviewed by senior management at annual European management review meetings and during corporate audits.

Sony Europe is committed to ensuring the safety of Sony workplaces in Europe through a variety of OHS programs.

Health Promotion

In addition to risk management initiatives to reduce occupational incidents, Sony sites in Europe have been focusing on health promotion, as well. The benefits of this approach are multiple: improvement of employee's health, increased motivation and productivity, and reduction of employee absence from work.

One Fit at Sony DADC

One Fit at Sony DADC aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and sets activity incentives to support each employee’s health and personal well-being.
It offers trainings and support in four areas: sports, prevention, coaching and nutrition.

As a result of this program, Sony DADC Europe Limited in Austria has been awarded for three years with the state seal of quality for its occupational health and safety performance. This seal recognizes certain quality requirements which have been audited by independent experts. It is a testament to the high level of effort made by the entire Sony DADC organization to ensure occupational health and safety.

Award Ceremony (photo credits: © SGKK)

Mental Health

Sony Europe recognizes that Sony needs a healthy, engaged workforce to improve productivity, increase creativity and deliver on the Sony's Purpose & Values. Across European sites, Sony has addressed these concerns with various activities such as:

  • Summer Health & Wellbeing Fair;
  • Wellbeing Kiosks;
  • Mindfulness Seminars;
  • Quarterly Health & Wellbeing Newsletter;
  • Vaccinations;
  • Summer running challenge; and
  • Seminars, Lunch & Learn Workshops.

In addition to these activities, Sony Europe has recently trained 16 Mental Health First Aiders, bringing the total to 21 across Europe, in addition to providing awareness training for line managers in UK offices with the intention of rolling this program out across Europe.

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