Updated on August 29, 2018

Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives in Picture Business


  • A comprehensive structure has been developed for the three main pillars of the SPE Global Crisis Management (GCM) program—Emergency Preparedness; Crisis Management and Business Continuity—to both enable and facilitate the company’s ability to respond to and recover from any crisis event, anywhere, in a resilient manner.
  • SPE continues to expand the capability of its emergency notification system, Everbridge. All SPE employees are currently enrolled and the system is being integrated into the evacuation drill protocol. A new smartphone application, the ProtectSPE app, is in the final stages of development and is scheduled to be deployed in the summer of 2018. This application will focus on providing emergency procedures to employees via information residing on their smartphones.
  • The OHS team consistently conducts outreach to offices through OHS awareness sessions, safety compliance consultations and by providing ergonomic assistance to employees.
  • The Environment, Health and Safety group embarked upon an analysis in fiscal 2017 to update SPE’s understanding of the risks it currently faces and how its organizational structure is suited to address those risks and provide the services the company needs in a time of rapidly changing media markets.

North America

  • A robust review of emergency preparedness for the SPE studio lot and intentional effective enhancement of emergency supplies, along with mobile incident command and employee preparedness training, has substantially increased the readiness of the lot population.
  • Business Continuity Planning efforts commenced for the Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc based in Vancouver, Canada. A comprehensive business impact analysis was completed identifying a multiplicity of essential functions that are highly dependent on one another and key stakeholders. The process of constructing effective recovery plans is ongoing.
  • The Incident Assessment Team was activated and deftly managed three significant crisis events in 2017 (Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Irma and the Mexico City earthquake).
  • Sony Pictures Studios continued improvements to the roof fall protection systems, including structural upgrades to its iconic Columbia Pictures sign atop of Stage 6 to ensure employees and vendors have the tools to remain safe when working at heights.
Before the roof fall protection
During the roof fall protection
  • SPE implemented additional sit/stand desks at its facilities, which increased the number of these ergonomic tools to above 2,500 installed at various North American facilities including the 8-story Akio Morita building at Sony Pictures Studios. These efforts continue to expand the use of sit/stand technology across the globe.

Europe and the Middle East (EMEA)

  • The updated and refined Local Crisis Response Plan (site plan) was implemented & tested at both the Golden Square (London) office and the SGBS Gdynia (Poland) office. This plan identifies with specificity those that will manage a crisis at the individual site level. The GS plan was tested with two tabletop exercises, one lead by SPE and one lead by local emergency response groups (the metropolitan police, London ambulance, Westminster council and others).
  • SPE continued to expand its AED program throughout the region.
  • A new Production Safety position was created and based in the London offices to support US-based production shooting in the region. This position will also begin to increase SPE’s outreach and support for EMEA-based productions.
  • From SPE’s GCM templates, a simplified emergency procedures plan was developed for sites across the region together with an employee notice/training poster. Several plans have been created using the new template, including for London sites, Madrid, Paris sites and Gdynia. A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan to help those who need assistance during an evacuation was developed for the London-based sites as required by UK regulations. The same plan will be adapted to fit other offices in the region.


  • In close partnership with region leadership the roll-out & implementation of the Local Crisis Response Plan (site plan) continues to move forward successfully.
  • Consultations on OSH legal, regulatory compliance and Safety Awareness Sessions in various offices in the region are ongoing.
  • Also completed were an AED review and coordination and provisioning for selected offices to meet the Sony required response time.

Latin America (LATAM)

  • Working with LATAM security leadership, significant improvements in emergency preparedess were realized for offices in Miami, Brazil, Panama and Mexico City. This included procuring emergency supplies, employee training and awareness programs.
  • AEDs were installed in the Miami office. Future installations are planned for Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Barueri and Panama City.
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