Updated on August 23, 2017

Recruiting Practices

As in the previous fiscal year, Sony provides a variety of job categories that new graduates can choose from to suit their own interests and skills at the time of application. As for recruitment of new graduates for fiscal 2018, Sony will stay in close touch with students via multiple channels as it carries out recruiting activities designed to facilitate mutual understanding with graduates, thereby minimizing employment mismatch.

To recruit engineers and researchers, Sony has set up a job matching system in which students can meet employees in positions similar to their desired jobs. By taking opportunities to meet with a diverse range of university students including those who have school referrals, Sony strives to hire outstanding talent.

To recruit administrative staff, in addition to welcoming interns, Sony has also set up a one-day workshop Business Master Program covering specialized knowledge, including marketing, product planning, accounting, finance, and law. Through this program, university students learn about Sony's business by attending employee lectures, participating in workshops, and giving presentations.

Sony launched its global Employee Value Proposition (EVP), which defines the value of working at Sony, both from a global and regional perspective for a blend of organizational cultural unity and local application. The EVP initiative includes "WOW Factors": what Sony offers its people and what is expected from people in return, creating a strong 'people' brand. The EVP strapline is "TOGETHER, LET'S MAKE THE WORLD SAY WOW". This is promoted both for talent acquisition and employer branding purposes, as well as internal communications, enhancing employee experience post-recruitment.

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