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Updated on September 7, 2016

Recruiting Diverse Employees Worldwide

As a company with sales, manufacturing and R&D based in a number of different countries, Sony promotes the localization of these operations by securing local talent that can meet national, regional and locational needs. Sony also recruits university graduates from other countries to work in Japan, aiming to secure talent to drive its global business.

Sony has expanded the range of countries from which it recruits students to work in Japan. In addition to Europe and North America, Sony also hires undergraduate and graduate students from China and India. Recruitment in China began in earnest in 2000, and in India in 2007. In both of these countries, Sony continues to secure top-level talent with the cooperation of local group companies.

  • Presentation at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay
Sony has also established a Global Internship Program, which welcomes university students worldwide. Going forward, Sony will continue hiring new graduates as well as mid-career employees in Japan, while also conducting global recruitment and branding activities, seeking to attract a wide variety of top talent.
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