Updated on August 29, 2019

Global Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives

Sony Group OHS Vision

“To secure the health and safety of workers” is among Sony's critical values. Sony has formulated the Sony Group OHS "Vision Zero" with the ultimate objective of ensuring ZERO injury and ZERO illness.

Sony Group Global OHS Medium-Term Plan

To achieve its Vision Zero objectives, Sony is working to meet its OHS Medium-Term Plan, which is a globally shared plan.

Sony has five action items under its OHS Medium-Term Plan for fiscal 2019–2021, as set out below.

All Sites
  • Transition to ISO 45001 standard
  • Reduction of accidents caused by unsafe behavior
  • Reduction of health risks
Manufacturing Sites
  • Better management of chemical substances
  • Reduction of accidents caused by machinery

Transition to ISO 45001 Standard

Sony has a global occupational health and safety management system based on the OHSAS 18001 international standard. In addition, Sony manufacturing sites in China, South Korea, and the Pan Asia Region (roughly half of all Sony manufacturing sites) have obtained OHSAS 18001 external certification.

Sony is working hard to improve and thoroughly implement OHS activities, making them more consistent, more effective, and more continuous. With these goals in mind, Sony plans to transition to the ISO 45001 standard by the year 2020. We are now working to obtain external certifications, beginning first with worksites where certification is needed most urgently, and proceeding in order from there.

Reduction of Accidents Caused by Unsafe Behavior

The global occurrence of OHS incidents has been trending downward each year in terms of both numbers of incidents and lost work days, but Sony is still working to further reduce risks. An analysis of OHS incidents in all regions has prompted Sony to identify collisions, slips and falls due to unsafe behavior as a global priority due to the especially high number of such incidents. The target is to reduce the number of such incidents by 2021 to half the number of 2018.

Measures to Reduce Health Risks

If employees are to work with a sound body and mind, perform at peak capacity, and innovate, the company must provide them with dynamic and appealing work environments. To achieve this, Sony is carrying out assessments of harmful workplace risk factors, and these assessments cover mental health issues. Sony then implements health risk reduction measures and health promotion activities based on the results of these assessments. The goal is to increase employee engagement, thereby enabling people to work and grow in good health and spirit.

Improving Management of Chemical Substances / Reducing Accidents Caused by Machinery

Sony's R&D facilities and manufacturing sites use a wide variety of chemical substances and machinery, and reducing the risks associated with that use is an important determinant of the level of safety and health. Sony is establishing a risk assessment system that will not just identify hazards relating to chemical substances, machinery, and work modes, but will also check that legal requirements are met. This system will be deployed globally.

Global OHS Organization

To ensure that all group companies operate under a single management structure, Sony has established seven Regional Safety Offices (Japan,*1 China,*2 the Pan Asia,*3 Latin America, North America, Europe Region,*4 and the Picture Business) that are responsible for implementing cross-regional programs, and it has appointed Regional Safety Officers in each region.

  • *1The Japan Regional Safety Office oversees the Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan region.
  • *2The China Regional Safety Office oversees the mainland China and Hong Kong region.
  • *3The Pan Asia Regional Safety Office oversees Mongolia, Asian countries other than the above, the Middle East, Oceania, and Africa.
  • *4The Europe Regional Safety Office oversees Europe, Turkey, Israel, Russia, and the former Soviet republics.

Activities of the Sony Headquarters OHS Office


To achieve the Vision Zero goals, the HQ OHS Office regularly collects information on the occurrence of occupational accidents and illnesses at Sony Group companies and sites, and information on the OHS activities carried out there. In addition to the use of in-house newsletters to publish the information it collects on good activities, each time a significant incident occurs or information on an accident comes to light, the HQ OHS Office also instructs that actions be taken to prevent a recurrence.

Global Audit System

At Sony's sites, internal audits and external audits are employed to examine the effectiveness of OHS management systems. Each Regional Safety Office carries out corporate audits to examine the effectiveness of the OHS activities of the business units in its region, and reports its audit results to the HQ OHS Office.

The HQ OHS Office is responsible for training corporate auditors and examining the effectiveness of audits carried out at the regional level. The Office, having established an in-house auditor system and determined auditor qualification requirements, conducts periodic auditor training to enhance auditing skills.

Management Review

The HQ OHS Office conducts annual management reviews based on each region’s reports to evaluate: OHS activities; the occurrence of occupational accidents and illnesses in each region; and the level of achievement of activity goals.

Management comments set out in management reviews are reflected in the OHS Medium-Term Plan, and are fed back to each Regional Safety Office and to sites within each region.

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