Updated on August 29, 2019

Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives in Latin America

In Latin America, Sony has worked to establish OHS campaigns, internal audits focused on health, safety and the environment, and has held proactive events, as described below.

Employee wellness

At Sony Colombia, we want employees to enjoy each special day, each special date, either together with their partners or their families. Each person is valued as an indispensable part of our organization, so we do everything in our power to ensure their well-being at work and in their personal lives. We celebrate, for example, mother's day, father's day, family day, women's day, and the new year.

  • Other workplace wellness activities include:
    • Massages for employees: 15-minute massages to relieve tension from employees can be freely scheduled (Mexico)
    • Sports competition tournaments for employees (Panama)
    • Lunch & Learn Wellness program for stress management (Argentina)


At Sony Colombia, we care about the health of our employees and offer time once every month for them to practice mindfulness with an “active pause.” Every year during health week, employees are offered health exams, and we carry out various activities to promote good habits. In addition, each year we organize an ecological hike.

  • Other workplace activities include:
    • Year-round health programs including nutrition, medical analysis, vaccines, etc. (Mexico)
    • Health Week featuring different specialties such as ophthalmology, nutrition, dermatology, breast cancer, massages and active pauses (Peru)
    • Vaccination campaign (Brazil)
Vaccination campaign

Risk management

In order to prevent occupational accidents and/or illnesses, Sony Brazil, based on Federal Normative Instruction number 05 issued by the Ministry of Labor in Brazil, performs elections for its Internal Committee to assist occupational health and safety professionals with preventive actions, labor risk assessments and other tasks.

Other workplace activities include:

  • Inspection of compliance program for chemical risk (Colombia)
  • Warehouse random safety and inventory inspections (Panama)

Emergency preparedness

Annually, Sony Brazil trains people to serve on the Emergency Brigade, which is tasked with confronting and controlling emergencies. Training topics include firefighting, chemical leakages, explosions and first aid.

Emergency Brigade training
  • Other workplace activities include:
    • Training in first aid, evacuation, handling of fire extinguishers and evacuation simulations (Peru)
Evacuation training (Peru)
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