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Updated on September 7, 2016

External Evaluation

  • The "Eruboshi" certification mark (three stars)
Sony Corporation was awarded the highest level of "Eruboshi" certification by Japan's Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare in recognition of its outstanding performance in promoting women's interests. This recognition was granted because Sony was found to satisfy all five criteria set out in the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace: (1) hiring; (2) continuous employment; (3) work hours and other working conditions; (4) women's share of management positions; and (5) diversity in career path options. Moreover, the Nikkei NICES corporate ranking named Sony the best company in Japan for women to work for in both 2014 and 2015; Nikkei Woman magazine's list of the "100 Best Companies Where Women Play an Active Part" ranked Sony as the best employer for women in the "electronics / machinery / automobile" category; and Sony Taiyo Corporation was publicly recognized by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as an "Excellent Workplace for Persons with Disabilities." In these and other ways, Sony has won well-deserved praise for its diversity efforts. Moving forward, Sony will continue working in line with its Diversity Policy to build a work environment where employees will all be able to fully demonstrate their individuality and abilities, and women can play major, meaningful roles.
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