Updated on August 29, 2018


Sony strives to create appealing workplaces that foster Sony’s corporate culture and make it possible for people to work in diverse ways, while encouraging employees to take on new challenges and pursuing greater employee engagement.

Fostering Sony’s Corporate Culture

Sony endeavors to create appealing workplaces that foster a corporate culture that will lead the company into the future. At Sony City headquarters building, Sony’s corporate culture is enhanced through user experience such as employee collaboration and variety of events.

Talk live at a cafeteria in Sony City headquarters building
Internal events utilizing a cafeteria in Sony City headquarters building

Sony Group companies are also creating workplaces with their own unique identities and corporate cultures that add to Sony’s diversity.

Sony Pictures Entertainment Office with fascination of movies

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Office stairs which can be used like a theater

Making It Possible for People to Work in Diverse Ways

Sony’s offices utilize open floor plans that encourage collaboration and foster the creativity and productivity of employees. Sony embraces an activity-based work-style concept to create functional workplaces that flexibly adapt to different styles of working and environments according to the work objectives and situation, enabling its diverse workforce to achieve a work-life balance.

New offices of Sony Corporation of America with open floor plans
Various meeting spaces employees can use freely
Place for informal gatherings “NEST”

Encouraging Employees to Take On New Challenges

Sony endeavors to create spaces that encourage employees to take on new challenges, guided by its vision of creativity and spirit of taking on challenges. The latest of these spaces is the newly opened Comi-chika creative collaboration space in the basement floor of the Communication Plaza at the Atsugi Technology Center. Together with the SAP Creative Lounge at Sony City and the Bridge Terminal space at Sony City Osaki, these spaces are planned, launched, and operated by volunteer employees, going beyond organizational and job boundaries. They serve as venues for open communication and encourage employees to take on new challenges. Sony also has mechanisms in place to develop new businesses based on the ideas that emerge from these creative spaces.

Comi-chika creative collaboration space at the Atsugi Technology Center

Increasing Employee Engagement

To increase employee engagement, Sony offers amenities that enable employees to refresh the mind and body through good food and exercise, which in turn fosters communication and creativity in the workplace. Sony collaborated with the lifestyle magazine Jiyujin to open The Farm, a cafeteria at the Sony City headquarters building that serves food made with fresh and seasonal ingredients in an urban office setting.

Yoga class with high-resolution sound at Sony City Osaki
The Farm cafeteria for Sony employees
Rice bowl topped with seasonal ingredients served for lunch
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