Updated on August 29, 2018

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Cross-Business Collaboration

As a diversified business entity, employees of the Sony Group collaborate across different businesses to develop products and services, create content, and carry out marketing. Listed below are a few examples.

  • The "Lost in Music" campaign aims to create new musical experiences that blend music and virtual reality (VR) technology in collaboration with various artists
  • Prop design for the film Passengers from Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Development of television and audio device features, leveraging knowledge gained from music and film creation

Sony employees actively exchange information, give presentations, and develop new ideas across organizational and job boundaries, from planning to operations. Managers help plan, sponsor, and provide avenues for employees to tackle new challenges and pursue cross-business collaboration.

Employees Activities Across Regions

As of September 2017, approximately 1,300 employees were dispatched to Sony Group companies worldwide as part of Sony's global deployment of personnel in order to transfer technology and knowledge, and launch new businesses. This includes some 170 employees dispatched from group companies outside of Japan, working in various businesses across the world. The Sony Group operates job transfer policies to efficiently facilitate international transfers. The policies are routinely updated with input from experts in Human Resources worldwide to support different types of international assignments.

To better support employees of all nationalities and languages, Sony Group companies in Japan follow up on employees after hiring and assist employees in their networking and career development. To facilitate English communication among employees from around the world, intranet content and systems for personnel and accounting are offered in both English and Japanese. Furthermore, in collaboration with the project members of DIVI@Sony (Diversity Initiative for Value Innovation at Sony), Sony Group companies in Japan have conducted surveys and interviews with non-Japanese employees, their managers and colleagues. Through these results, those companies have identified issues they face and are working on devising and implementing necessary measures.

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