Updated on August 29, 2018



As a company with a broad global business portfolio encompassing electronics, entertainment and financial services, Sony employs individuals of diverse backgrounds. The Sony Group adopted a Diversity Statement in 2013 as a global policy on leveraging diversity for value creation. Sony embraces diversity as a key management strategy, operating a Diversity Committee that reports directly to the CEO. The committee implements a global diversity project under the leadership of senior management from Sony’s global and regional businesses.

Sony Group Diversity Statement

It is in Sony's DNA — and a source of our innovation — to value different perspectives and backgrounds as we conduct our business activities globally and rise to new challenges.
Sony promotes diversity across the Sony Group as a key management strategy by ensuring an inclusive work environment and by recruiting, hiring, training and promoting employees from diverse backgrounds.

Diversity Week

During Sony Diversity Week, many events are held at Sony Group companies around the world to raise awareness and promote action for change by enhancing recognition and understanding of the significance of diversity. These events are designed to encourage employees to think deeply about diversity in its many forms — from race, nationality, disabilities, and gender, to sexual orientation, view points, and workstyles — as well as to facilitate new perspectives and active communication. These events also engage the wider community by involving other companies and outside organizations.

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