Updated on August 29, 2018

Leadership and Next Leaders

Sony is developing core talented people who can excel globally. Sony University was established with the mission of developing the people who will shape and lead Sony’s management vision and strategy, perpetuating the Sony Spirit, and building strong personal networks that facilitate Group management. Under this mission, Sony University programs are designed to foster top management candidates and global leaders who will play key roles in driving the business forward. The courses offered include a half-year program for leading managers from different Sony organizations around the world to foster innovative thinking and polish their skills. Managers from Sony Group companies in Japan who show promise as potential business leaders are selected to participate in a seven-month program focusing on management literacy and interpersonal skills. These courses encourage personal interaction and mutual learning to facilitate the development of business leaders.

Participants in a Sony University program

Sony formulates succession plans across the Sony Group and conducts periodic talent reviews to ensure that future leaders and managers are always being developed. Sony is training talented people to become future global leaders by offering comprehensive job rotations across different business segments and geographic regions.

Main Initiatives to Develop Future Leaders at the Sony Group around the World
Electronics Business
Global Challenge Program Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation (SGMO) has established its Global Challenge Program to enable its employees who have worked abroad to apply what they have learned after returning to Japan, thereby contributing to the development of SGMO. Under the program, SGMO sends employees to work at offices in another country to allow them to experience a different culture and become directly familiar with the dynamics of a workplace outside Japan. Each year, five employees working for SGMO are selected for a three-month program in the U.K. or Brazil.
Electronics Business
The Fast Forward Talent Strategy project epitomizes Sony North America’s mission, vision and values, including the organization’s entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to take risks. More than 100 diverse employee volunteers with different viewpoints were engaged to collaborate in an open and respectful environment to develop innovative programs/initiatives to support our business, our team, and our community — all with the common goal of creating a rich pipeline of ready-now successors in a sustainable, inclusive, best-place-to-work environment.
Music Business Sony Music Entertainment has established the Amplify program to combine talent development and business innovation. This program focuses on getting the most out of an engaged and skilled workforce to be real innovators and investing in early career pipeline as a real differentiator, covering the various elements over a period of seven months. In four years, 262 delegates from 45 countries have participated, and this program has achieved real business results through experimentation.
Movie Business To support the development of top talent, Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. has launched two programs intended to build leadership and industry acumen at key stages in an employee’s career. The Take The Lead program aims to equip people managers to effectively lead their teams and drive engagement. The Business of Entertainment 101 program provides an overview of the entertainment business to emerging leaders to develop their business acumen.
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