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Updated on September 7, 2016

Global Employee Survey

Since fiscal 2010, Sony has integrated various formerly independent Group surveys into a global employee survey. The survey is divided into such categories as Innovation, Customer Focus, Corporate Culture, and Human Resource Development. The survey enables Sony to access and analyze the views of employees across the Sony Group in a consistent manner. The response rate for this annual survey has remained around 90%, reflecting employees' high level of interest in participation. Of particular note, around 80% of employees routinely respond that they understand and identify with Sony's Values and Objectives, indicating a strong awareness that is a key Sony strength. Survey findings are used as feedback to top management. At Sony Corporation, for example, they are also used in internal workshops. Such programs address issues identified through the survey and assist in the drafting of personnel strategies, while helping to maintain organizational vitality.

The internal website used for the survey enables global best practices to be shared and promotes direct communication beyond national and regional boundaries to help improve the organization based on the survey's results.

Furthermore, Sony Corporation and its group companies in the electronics business in Japan implement a parallel survey to provide feedback from subordinates to all supervising managers regarding their leadership activities. This survey aims to facilitate a check-up of organizational management style and is part of efforts to strengthen management.
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