Updated on August 23, 2017

Facilitating Dynamic Communication

Communication between Top Management and Employees

Sony sees communication between top management, including the CEO, and employees as vitally important. Through the corporate intranet, information is provided on progress made in the Group's businesses, and communications are exchanged via e-mail and other media. Sony also works to create many other opportunities for direct dialogue between top management and employees. For example, Sony management holds regular informal gatherings and town hall meetings with employees, which cover a wide variety of themes, from technology to management. By sharing opinions from both perspectives, not only do employees gain a closer affinity with management, but the views of employees can also be used to enhance the quality of management.

Principal Venues for Communication between Top Management and Employees
Town hall meetings are held on a quarterly basis, and these are broadcast via the Web so that employees gain a better understanding of management policies. Management and general employees each have a blog through which opinions can be shared, facilitating reciprocal communication.
Movie Business
  • Morning coffee sessions are held with the CEO and about 30 employees to give them a chance to speak directly with the CEO.
  • Sony has initiated a program to encourage discussions between its executives and members of the so-called millennial generation*, pairing them up so that the executives can learn about how young people consume media and use social media and technology, Unlike traditional mentor programs, this program gives the mentee role to the senior person, and is orientated toward mutually beneficial learning.

Communication between Supervisors and Subordinates

Communication between supervisors and subordinates is also active. Each employee has the opportunity to discuss goals and review performance with his or her supervisor several times a year through regular interviews. Daily communication throughout the year increases employees' awareness and spurs growth. In addition, in the autumn each year, Sony runs a Career Month during which supervisors listen to employees' own aspirations for their future career direction and then provide advice based on this dialogue.

Communication among Employees

Sony actively encourages the free exchange of ideas that extend beyond the organization, field of work, and company, by giving employees opportunities to organize and run seminars and workshops or create things with their own hands. For example, Sony employees can access a space called "secret idea base" for their voluntary activities or a space called the Seed Acceleration Program (SAP) Creative Lounge, to share ideas with other employees and people from outside the company, as well as the Nest space for concentrated study. Sony recently opened "BRIDGE TERMINAL", which encourages new bridges between people, things, and ideas.

Sony will continue providing these spaces, which are planned and run on a day-to-day basis by Sony employees, thereby encouraging free discussion that can spontaneously develop into something bigger. Sony also has programs in place to help employees take ideas that are generated in these creative spaces and develop them into new businesses.

secret idea base
SAP Creative Lounge

Communication between Employees' Families and Workplaces

Held since 2007, Sony Family Day provides an opportunity for employees to invite their family members to their office. The special day allows the family members to better understand Sony's business and the work done by the employees by seeing the actual workplace and talking with staff. It also gives the children who visit a look at a real business in action, inspiring them for the future.

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Sony

Sony Sendai FC Official Home Game

The corporate team Sony Sendai FC plays in the Japan Football League (JFL), which represents the top-tier of amateur soccer in Japan. On May 29, 2016, defending first-time JFL champion Sony Sendai FC played an official league game against Honda FC at the Ajinomoto Field Nishigaoka in Tokyo. The game was marked to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Sony and raise funds for victims of the Kumamoto Earthquake. Approximately 3,400 fans including Sony employees and their families and friends cheered on the exciting and hard-fought match between the two major corporate teams.

Match against Honda FC
Sony Sendai FC supporters cheer on their team

Summer Festa

Sony organized the Summer Festa on August 20, 2016 at the Sony City headquarters buildingto commemorate its 70th anniversary. More than 7,000 Sony Group employees and their families attended the event, where they were able to experience technologies, and services of Sony.

At a special venue called Sony EXPO, the Sony Concert Band opened the festivities, as adults and children enjoyed attractions such as games, live shows, workshops, and vendors organized by Sony Group companies. Special Sony logo goods were sold to eager buyers in order to raise funds for charitable causes, as part of a fun day immersed in all things Sony.

Sony Concert Band opened the event
Workshop giving children experience with new business planning
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