Management Approach

Materiality Rationale

Since its establishment, Sony has sought to remain at the forefront of technological development, building continuously on its achievements to suggest new values for people everywhere. In these efforts, Sony recognizes the people who work at Sony to be its most important resource. Employees are important stakeholders in Sony’s diversified, global business and are the key to its efforts to generate sustainable social value and a high level of profit. Sony is committed to increasing employee engagement by leveraging the diversity and ambitions of its people and maximizing their talents. Sony seeks to sustainably elevate its talent and organizational capabilities in order to raise its overall business performance.

Basic Approach

Sony’s Founding Prospectus sets forth the company’s founding vision and basic commitment to its employees, stressing a spirit of freedom and open-mindedness with an emphasis on personal ability and performance, the full exercise of individual abilities and skills, and innovation and challenge. Based on the founding vision, Sony has articulated its Employer Value Proposition (EVP), which defines the current value of working at Sony, what sets it apart as a place to work. The EVP includes the overarching “wow” factor of “Together, Let’s Make the World Say Wow,” and other wow factors that define the value that Sony offers to its employees and what it expects from them, both across the Sony Group and specific to its businesses and regions.

EVP common message
Sony Group Wow Factors
Value for Employees Expectations of Employees
  • A company that impacts people’s lives
  • Global brand with global career possibilities
  • Innovation-oriented company that creates new culture for today
  • Diverse opportunities including in electronics, entertainment, and services
  • Diversity of people, perspectives, and culture
  • Pursues expertise and thinks originally
  • Has boundless curiosity and a playful spirit
  • Is open-minded, works well with everyone
  • Willing to change, takes risks and challenges
  • Listens to and respects diverse opinions and views

Sony seeks to maximize the talents of each employee and to foster innovation. Sony respects and fosters an inclusive acceptance of diversity in its many forms including race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, beliefs, disability, gender, age, birthplace, sexual orientation, values, and workstyles. Sony’s vision of diversity and inclusion seeks to build an organizational culture that respects diversity and helps create value for customers. Sony pursues a broad range of activities with a focus on diversity & inclusion, talent development, and engagement, building on a commitment to offering working conditions that contribute to the health and safety of employees.


Senior management meet to discuss and decide upon important matters relating to employees at the Sony Group and guide the HR strategies implemented by Sony Group companies. Sony has established the Diversity Committee, which reports directly to the CEO, to ensure that diversity & inclusion is addressed as a high-priority issue. Sony also operates reporting hotlines and other avenues for employees to get consultation on a broad range of issues including human rights, work-life balance, parenting, nursing care, and LGBT concerns.

Sony promotes occupational health and safety (OHS) by operating management systems based on OHSAS 18001 at all Sony sites worldwide. With the publication of the ISO 45001 international standard for OHS management systems in March 2018, Sony plans to migrate its OHS management systems to ISO 45001.

Main Achievements in Fiscal 2017

Here are the main results of fiscal 2017 initiatives:

  • ●Diversity & Inclusion
    • - Celebrated Diversity Week in and outside of Japan at events designed to raise awareness and promote action for change by enhancing recognition and understanding of the significance of diversity
    • - Sony Group companies in the electronics business in Thailand and Malaysia actively hired persons with disabilities
    • - Sony Group companies in the electronics business in Europe participated in LGBT pride parades
    • - Sony Bank launched a new LGBT initiative in its mortgage loans
  • ●Talent Development
    • - Carried out Sony University global leadership programs in and outside of Japan
    • - Continued operating the Sony Outstanding Engineer Award, the most prestigious personal award for engineers in the Sony Group, and the Distinguished Engineer system to recognize individual contributions
    • - Sony Group Companies in Japan introduced the Career Plus program, which enables employees to remain in concurrent or secondary positions
    • - Sony Music Entertainment established the Amplify program to combine talent development and business innovation
    • - Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. launched the “Take The Lead” program and “Business of Entertainment 101” program to support the development of top talent
  • ●Engagement
    • - Took steps to facilitate communication between top management (including the CEO) and Sony employees in and outside of Japan
    • - Continued implementing global employee surveys in and outside of Japan
    • - Sony Corporation adopted a Flexible Work Policy, expanding the scope of its telework policy to make all employees eligible
    • - Sony Group companies in the Electronics Business operating in the North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions adopted a system allowing employees to recognize and give accolades to peers for their contributions
    • - Sony Group companies in Japan in the electronics business implemented a work-style reform project
    • - Sony Group companies in and outside of Japan continued implementing initiatives to create attractive workplaces
  • ●Occupational Health and Safety
    • - Continued implementing audits and risk assessments for occupational health and safety
    • - Worked to migrate to OHS management systems based on ISO 45001

Looking to the Future

With a focus on diversity, talent development, and engagement, Sony will continue to offer working conditions that contribute to the health and safety of employees — all part of its efforts to generate sustainable social value and a high level of profit. Sony will provide opportunities for employees to improve and make the most of their character, skills and capabilities.

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