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Management Approach

Materiality Rationale

Since its establishment, Sony has sought to remain at the forefront of technological development, building continuously on its achievements to suggest new lifestyle options for people everywhere. In these efforts, Sony recognizes its employees to be its most important resource. Sony understands how critical it is to leverage the unique traits of each employee, build a pleasant working environment, and provide opportunities for employees to improve and make the most of their skills and capabilities.

Basic Approach

Sony strives to build an environment in which employees accept each person's differences irrespective of nationality, culture, race, gender, or the presence or absence of physical limitations. Sony employees see such differences as a matter of "individual character," and the process of interaction among individuals leads to the creation of entirely new value. This all falls under the concept of diversity and inclusion, which Sony regards as critical to its success. While working to recruit and train employees from diverse backgrounds and promoting them to important positions, Sony works hard to build safe and healthy workplaces that give due consideration to the lifestyles and life stages of the people who work there.


Sony has established the Diversity Committee, which reports directly to the CEO, to ensure that diversity and inclusion are addressed as high-priority issues. The Committee is implementing related policies. Regarding recruiting and training employees and securing the promotion of diverse persons to important positions, a group-wide approach has been adopted that brings all divisions involved in human resource matters together to work as one. Based on the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety standards, and guided by its own Global Policy on OH&S, Sony has also established a proprietary OH&S management system for each of its sites around the world.

In addition to adopting systems and initiatives that enable employees to discuss matters they are concerned about, including human rights issues and human rights risks, work-life balance, childcare and nursing care, and LBGT rights, Sony has implemented a global employee survey that enables Sony to access and analyze the views of employees and address them promptly.

Main Achievements in Fiscal 2016

Here are the main results of fiscal 2016 initiatives:

  • Sony took steps to ensure respect for diversity, and worked to create policies and an environment in which employees can work sustainably.
  • ‐ Sony Corporation revised its telework policy.
  • ‐ In the United States, Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., Sony Electronics Inc. and Sony Corporation of America achieved top score based on assessments of the maximum score of 100% in the Corporate Equality Index from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation as companies that create ideal working environments for LGBT employees.
  • ‐ Sony UK run the Being Me campaign that provide valuable opportunities for all employees to hear and think about inspirational stories of individuals with disabilities.
  • Sony undertook various initiatives to help its employees advance their careers through skills development and growth.
  • ‐ Carried out Sony University global leadership programs.
  • ‐ Launched the Sony Outstanding Engineer Award, the most prestigious personal award for engineers in the Sony Group.
  • ‐ Sony North America started the Fast Forward Talent Strategy project to build its talent strategy for the future.
  • Sony worked to energize more active communications
  • ‐ Took steps to facilitate communication between top management (including the CEO) and Sony employees.
  • ‐ Held Sony Family Day in multiple countries, inviting employees to bring their family members to the office.
  • ‐ Held events to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Sony's founding.

Looking to the Future

Sony will be working to promote diversity and inclusion, devoting especially close attention to the recruitment and education of key personnel and their promotion to important positions. In addition to building a pleasant working environment through the ongoing implementation of safety and health improvement activities, Sony will also work to establish systems that enable each employee to adopt a work style that meshes well with his or her lifestyle, and will seek to provide opportunities for employees to improve and make the most of their character, skills and capabilities.

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